Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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A fluteA-B-C book
A-flute corrugated boardAbbreviated entry
Abbreviated textAbbreviation
Abbreviation pointAbecedarian
Aberration of lens systemsAbility to cure
Above the foldAbrade
Abrading deviceAbrasion
Abrasion apparatusAbrasion marks
Abrasion protectionAbrasion resistance
Abrasion resistance testerAbrasion test
Abrasion-resistantAbrasive articles
Abrasive coatingAbrasive ink
Abrasive paperAbrasive pencil
Abrasive wheelAbrasiveness of ink
Abridg(e)mentAbridged decimal classification
Abroad booksAbsence-of-sheet detector
Absentee-user jobAbsolute
Absolute addressAbsolute error
Absolute humidityAbsolute register
Absolute sizeAbsolute solvent power
Absolute unitAbsolute viscosity
Absolute width unitAbsorb
Absorb toAbsorbability
Absorbent coveringAbsorbent printing material
Absorbent screenAbsorbent [absorptive] paper
AbsorberAbsorbing capacity
Absorbing glassAbsorbing medium
Absorbing powerAbsorbing wedge photometer
Absorption capacityAbsorption coefficient
Absorption dryingAbsorption factor
Absorption of lightAbsorption of vehicle
Absorption rateAbsorption spectrum
Absorption testAbsorption value
AbstractAbstract bibliography
Abstract informationAbstract periodical
Abstract(ing) journalAbutment
Abutting jointAC corona discharge
AC fieldAcacia [arabic] gum
Academic periodicalAcademy board
Academy publicationAccelerated development
Accelerated liquid developerAcceleration
Acceleration timeAcceleration treads
Accented letterAccentuation
Access addressAccession
Accession bookAccession catalog(ue)
Accession numberAccessories
AccessoryAccessory material
Accidental classificationAcclimatization
Accordion foldAccordion folding
Account book paperAccount clearing house for booksellers
Account for somethingAccounting form
Accumulating unitAccumulation of metal
Acelon фирм.Acetate
Acetate baseAcetate cellulose
Acetate filmAcetate ink
Acetate ortho litho filmAcetate overlay
Acetate proofAcetate-overlay color separation
Acetic acidAcetoacetic ether
AcetoneAcetyilated paper
AcetylAcetyl cellulose
Acetylene blackAchromatic
Achromatic colorAchromatic colour
Achromatic compositionAchromatic edition
Achromatic lensAchromatic sensation
Achromatic sheetAchromatization
AcidAcid bath
Acid blast etchingAcid dye
Acid fixerAcid fixing bath
Acid fumesAcid method
Acid numberAcid pickling
Acid resistAcid resistance of color
Acid rinseAcid salt
Acid sizeAcid value
Acid-blast machineAcid-free paper
Acid-proofAcid-proof alloy
Acid-proof paperAcid-proof varnish
Acid-proof, acid-resistantAcid-resistant pigment
Acid-resisting paintAcidic solution
Acidic vehicleAcidification
Acidproof inkAcierage уст.
Acoustic couplerAcoustic enclosure
Acoustic screenAcridine orange
AcrylicAcrylic acid
Acrylic plasticAcrylic sheet
ActinicActinic density
Actinic effectActinic light
Actinic opacityActinic photometer
Actinic radiationActinic rays
Actinic transmissionActinism
ActivatorActive drawing
Active fillerActive microfilm
Active pageActive paper
Active zoneActual backgage position
Actual fontActual font proof
AdAd interim copyright
Ad settingAdams press
Adaptable fractionAdapted edition
Adapted textAdaptive system
Added editionAdded entry
Added title pageAdding unit
Additional copyAdditional map
Additional subhead(ing)Additive
Additive coatingAdditive color
Additive color filterAdditive colour
Additive methodAdditive mixture of colors
Additive plateAdditive process
Address bookAddress card
Address labelingAddress printing
Address(ed) labelAddressing
Addressing deviceAddressing machine
Adhered layerAdhered toner
Adherence of coatingAdherent
Adhering [adhesive] capacityAdheser
AdhesionAdhesion heat
Adhesion testAdhesion tester
AdhesiveAdhesive applicator
Adhesive backingAdhesive binder
Adhesive bindingAdhesive binding strip
Adhesive coated surfaceAdhesive dope
Adhesive foilAdhesive force
Adhesive labelAdhesive layer
Adhesive mounted plateAdhesive paper
Adhesive powerAdhesive ribbon
Adhesive stampAdhesive strip
Adhesive substanceAdhesive tape
Adhesive tape lathe cutting machineAdhesive tape rewinder
Adhesive tape wrapping machineAdhesive tension
Adhesive threadAdhesive transfer
Adhesive wax coaterAdhesive-backed rubber stereotype
Adhesively thermoplastic agentAdhesively-coated and heatable thread
Adiactinic glassAdjacency effects
Adjustable ball side guideAdjustable legs
Adjustable stitcher headAdjustable wire
Adjustable(-height) bedAdjuster
AdjustingAdjusting roller
Adjusting [adjustment] markAdjustment
Admitted bookAdmixture of color
ADPAdrema фирм.
AdsorptionAdsorption number
Adult bookAdult consumer magazine revenue
Adult hardbound trade booksAdult paperbound books
Adult reviewAdvance
Advance advertisementAdvance copy
Advance cylinderAdvance edition
Advance informationAdvance order
Advance press sectionAdvance royalty
Advance sheetAdvance sprocket
Advance subscriptionAdvance to tab
Advance(d) printAdvance-feed tape
Advanced feed holesAdvanced perfotape feed
Advancing angle of wettingAdventure books
Adversely affectAdvertise
AdvertisementAdvertisement column
Advertisement designAdvertisement dummy
Advertisement paste-upAdvertisement supplement
Advertising agencyAdvertising band
Advertising blotterAdvertising booklet
Advertising bulletinAdvertising campaign
Advertising catalogueAdvertising design
Advertising folderAdvertising paper
Advertising photographyAdvertising printing
Advertising rateAdvertising specialties
Advertizing copyAdvertizing department
Advertizing diaryAdvertizing insert
Advertizing matterAdvertizing medium
Advertizing ratesAdvertizing rule
Advertizing spaceAdvertizing strip
Advertizing textAdvertizing type
Advisory editorAerate
AeratorAerial advertisement
Aerial fogAerial image
Aerial photographyAerograph
Aerograph unitAeroset
Aerosol analyzerAerosol development
Affinity of ink to paperAfter images
After sales serviceAfter-bodying
AfterburnerAfternoon edition
Afterrunning of the sheetAfterword
Against the grainAgalite
AgateAgate line
Agate measuring system амер.Age hardening
AgeingAgeing process
Ageing testAgeing unit
AgentAggressive advertising
AIDAAim point
AirAir appliers
Air applying meansAir bar
Air bearingAir blast pressure foot
Air brakeAir brake unwind stand
Air brushAir brush coating
Air brushingAir bubble
Air bubble filmAir bubble viscosimeter
Air bufferAir circulating baking oven
Air circulationAir cleaning equipment
Air compressorAir conditioning
Air conditioning deviceAir contamination
Air conveying systemAir conveyor unit
Air cushionAir cushion blanket
Air cushion deviceAir cushion shock absorber
Air cushion supportAir cushion transfer drum
Air cushion [air-film] tableAir cushioned kicker feed bar
Air cylinderAir delivery
Air delivery holeAir diverter bar
Air doctor bladeAir doctor coater
Air doctor coatingAir drying
Air ductAir edition
Air ejection tubeAir expanding shaft
Air feedAir filter
Air flow fieldAir fraction
Air gaugeAir glide sheet transfer
Air gripAir handling
Air holeAir humidity
Air injectionAir inlet
Air knifeAir knife coating of paper
Air loaded slitting knife holderAir nozzle
Air operated positionerAir outlet
Air palletAir passage
Air permeabilityAir permeance
Air pin blockAir pocket
Air pressureAir pump switch
Air purification unitAir separator bar
Air streamAir suction
Air suction cupAir supply
Air supply pumpAir tower
Air valveAir valve operating screw
Air ventAir withdrawal means
Air-beaten compositionAir-blow-down device
Air-blownAir-conditioning equipment
Air-conditioning installationAir-cooled
Air-dried paperAir-heating radiator
Air-proof paperAir-shaft
Air-wheel (continuous) feederAirborne pollution
AirbrushAirbrush eraser
Airknife drying systemAirless spraying
Airmail paperAirstream atomization
Alabaster paperAlarm mechanism
Alaska sealAlbanine фирм.
Albert lead molding processAlbert note paper
Albert's effectAlbertol resin
AlbertypeAlbion press
AlbumAlbum for coloring
Album paperAlbumenized paper
AlbuminAlbumin glue
Albumin plate making уст.Albumin plate уст.
Albumin testAlbuminizing
Alcali saltAlcohol
Alcohol colorAlcohol control system
Alcohol dampeningAlcohol damping unit
Alcohol distribution systemAlcohol drying
Alcohol resistanceAldehyde resin
Aldine typeAldino
Aled фирм.Alert
Alexandria paperAlfol
Algebraic charactersAlias
Alignment boardAlignment charge
Alignment facewiseAlignment mechanism
Alignment of typeAlive
Alive matterAlizarin
AlkaliAlkali blue
Alkali latexAlkali resistance
Alkali-proof varnishAlkali-proof [alkali-resistant] paper
Alkali-refined linseed oilAlkali-resistant pigment
Alkali-solubleAlkaline activator
Alkaline developerAlkaline development
Alkaliproof inkAlkote фирм.
Alkuprint фирм.Alkyd
Alkyd (boiled) oilAlkyd litho varnish
All alongAll along sewing
All correctAll in
All setAll-capital
All-metalAll-metal press
All-purpose developerAll-purpose linotype
All-rag litho paperAll-rag paper
All-season rollerAll-tone process
Alleged fadingAller фирм.
AllowanceAllowance for waste
Allowed valueAlloy
Allusion bookAlmanac
AlographyAlpha tests
AlphabetAlphabet length
Alphabet sweepAlphabetic(al)
Alphabetical arrangementAlphabetical bibliography
Alphabetical bookAlphabetical index
Alphabetical orderAlphabetical stand-by-stand guide
AlphabeticallyAlphanumeric character
Alphanumeric codeAlphanumeric display
Alphanumeric keysAlphanumeric(al)
AlterationsAlterations in halftones and etchings
Alternating frequencyAlternative classification
Alternative publisherAlternative stitching
Alternative titleAlton Gradar screen фирм.
AlumAlumina hydrate
Alumina hydrate lakeAluminium
Aluminium foilAluminium hydrate
Aluminium powderAluminotype
AluminumAluminum bronze
Aluminum foilAluminum foil web
Aluminum inkAluminum leaf
Aluminum offset printing plateAluminum plate
Aluminum printing plateAluminum type
AlutaAmalgam ink
Amateur bindingAmber
Amber filterAmber illumination
Amberlith фирм.Ambient conditions
Ambient lightAmbient temperature
Ambipolar developmentAmend
AmendmentAmendment list
American clothAmerican leather
American machineAmerican [imitation] Russia
AmidolAmioca фирм.
AmmoniaAmmonia developed diazotype process
Ammonia printAmmonia solution
Ammonia-light processAmmonia-preserved latex
Ammonia-type diazo copying machineAmmonium
Ammonium dichromateAmorphic silicon
Amorphous selenium electrophotographic plateAmount of (gripper) bite
Amount of packingAmphitypy
AmplificationAmplified edition
Analog color proofAnalog proof
Analog scannerAnalog to digital conversion
AnalysisAnalytical bibliography
Analytical classificationAnalytical entry
Analyzing drumAnamorphosis
Anastatic printingAnastatic reprint
Anastigmat objectiveAnastigmatic lens
AnchoringAnchoring of coatings
Anchoring of printing inksAnchroil фирм.
Ancient bookAncillary [auxiliary] equipment
AngleAngle bar
Angle bar arrangementAngle bar fold
Angle bar handwheelAngle body matrix
Angle of halftone screen linesAngle of reflection
Angle of viewAngle roller
Angle-to-contact testAngling
Anglo-American measuring systemAnglo-american point
Angular alignmentAngular aperture
Angular quadAngular roll stand
Angular rotationAngular speed
AnhydrousAnhydrous ammonia system
Anhydrous plate washAniline
Aniline blackAniline color
Aniline dyeAniline ink
Aniline printingAniline printing machine
Aniline printing pressAniline process
Aniline-printing unitAnilox
Anilox bladeAnilox roll
Anilox roll (roller)Animal adhesive
Animal blackAnimal gelatin уст.
Animal glueAnimal parchment
Animal sizeAnimal starch
Animal tub-sized paperAnimal wax
Animal-sized paperAnimation
AnisotropyAnnealed foil
Annealed metalAnnex
AnnotateAnnotated bibliography
Annotated bookAnnotation
AnnualAnnual book show
Annual catalog(ue)Annual review
Annual subscriptionAnnual volume
Anodic cleaningAnodic oxidation
AnodizedAnodized aluminum plate
AnonymAnopistographic block book
Ante meridiem ragAnthology
AnthosinAnthrakotype уст.
Anti-foamAnti-foaming agent
Anti-halo layerAnti-offset powder
Anti-offset [anti-setoff] sprayAnti-set-off
Anti-set-off (spray) gunAnti-set-off equipment
Anti-set-off powderAnti-set-off powder
Anti-setoff coaterAnti-setoff powder sprayer
Antiabrasion layerAntiacid manila paper
Antiadhesion packing paperAntiadhesive photographic material
Antibleeding inkAntiblocking
Antiblocking agentAntibubbling agent
Anticurl barAntidryer
AntifoggantAntifogging action
Antifogging agentAntihalation
Antihalation baseAntihalation coating
Antihalation layerAntihalation middle coating
Antihalation [antihalo] backingAntihalo
Antihunt actionAntihunt device
Antimarking systemAntimisting ink
Antimonial [antimonious] leadAntimony
Antimony pigmentAntioffset solution
Antiope фирм.Antioxidant
Antipitting agentAntiquarian book trade
Antiquarian bookshopAntiquarian [antiquated] book
Antique (finish) paperAntique binding
Antique toolingAntique type
Antireflection coatingAntireflection layer
Antirust paperAntiscumming agent
Antiseptic paperAntisetting agent
Antiskinning agentAntiskinning material
Antispill deviceAntisplash inking attachment
Antistatic agentAntistatic layer
Antistatic sprayAntisticking agent
Antitack unitAntitarnish paper
AntitypeAntivibration mount
Antiwinder deviceAnvil
Anvil cylinderAnvil drum
ApertureAperture adhesive
Aperture cardAperture card reader
Aperture card windowAperture envelope
Aperture rangeAperture ratio
Aperture slitAperture slot
Aperture stopApex
Apex фирм.Aplanatic objective
Apo-Tessar фирм.Apochromat
Apochromatic lensApochromatic object glass
Apochromatic objectiveApocope
Apocryphal booksApocryphal work
Apparatus for laying-on sheetsApparel design
Apparent centerApparent density
Apparent density of paperApparent fluidity
Apparent viscosityAppear
Appearance of printAppendix
Appendix tableAppliance
ApplicationApplication mouth
Application systemApplicator
Applicator rollApplied art
Apply powerApplying of crash
Applying rollerApprentice pressman
ApproachApproved edition
ApronAqua-Trol фирм.
Aquaflo фирм.Aquafortist
Aqualox фирм.Aquarelle
Aqueous adhesiveAqueous ammonia system
Aqueous coatingAqueous dispersion of rubber
Aqueous emulsion inkAqueous ink
Aqueous solutionAqueous-developed plate
ArabesqueArabic figures
Arabic numeralsArabic type
Arbitrary functionArbitrary sign
ArcArc lamp
Arc lightArc printer
Arc printingArc suppression
ArchArch design press
Arch-type (printing) unitArch-type perfecting unit
ArchetypistArching of form
Archival electronic fileArchival paper
Archival qualityArchive
Archive databaseArchived file
AreaArea composition
Area composition systemArea composition terminal
Area coverageArea filling
Area layout systemArea of pictural surface
Area rate meterArea [page] formatting
Argentic chlorideArgentometer
Arithmetic scaleArithmetic symbol
ArmArmored paper
Armorial bookplateArmy press
Aromatic hydrocarbonsAromatic-base(d) ink
Around pressArranged edition
Array elementArray scanner
Arrow markArt
Art and layout equipmentArt binding
Art bookArt canvas
Art departmentArt director
Art editionArt editor
Art in reliefArt of engraving on wood
Art of etchingArt paper
Art printing officeArt reproduction
Art reproduction workArt vellum
Art workArt [library] buckram
Art [pictorial, picture] postcardArt(istic) print
ArticleArticle writer
ArtificialArtificial classification
Artificial dye-stuffArtificial gum
Artificial intelligenceArtificial latex
Artificial leatherArtificial light
Artificial lightingArtificial parchment
Artificial resinArtificial script
ArtistArtist's proof
Artistic finishArtistic photography
Artistic presentation of booksArtists color
Artists suppliesArtists tools
ArtogravureArtotype уст.
ArtworkArtwork generator
Artwork proportionerArtype фирм.
As-told-to bookAsbestos powder
AscenderAscender line
Ascending letterAscending stroke
Ash contentAsh content(s)
Ashless filter paperAspect ratio
AsphaltAsphalt copying process
Asphalt paintAsphalt powder
Asphalt varnishAsphaltic pitch
Aspirating cylinderAssay
Assembled bookAssembled material
Assembled negativeAssembled newspaper
AssemblerAssembler belt
Assembler boxAssembler box lifting lever
Assembler chuteAssembler chute rails
Assembler entranceAssembler entrance [assembler front] partition
Assembler frontAssembler gate
Assembler slideAssembler star
Assembler stickAssembling
Assembling channelAssembling elevator
Assembling mechanismAssembling of book and cover
Assembling of caseAssembling of the folded material
AssemblyAssembly line
Assembly of separation color negativesAssembly of separation color positives
Assembly sheetAssembly system
Assembly techniqueAssistant
Assistant editorAssociate
AstralonAstronomical calendar
Asynchronous text transmissionAsynchronous transfer
ATF Flo-Mix unit фирм.ATF typesetter фирм.
Atlas paperAtomization
AtomizerAttached supplement
Attention dotsAttenuant
AttitudeAttraction of ink
Attributed authorAttrition resistance
Audio (cassette) bookAudiovisual
Audiovisual itemsAugmented edition
AuramineAuroral фирм.
AuthorAuthor classification
Author indexAuthor's alterationss
Author's bindingAuthor's consent
Author's copyAuthor's correction
Author's manuscriptAuthor's mark
Author's noteAuthor's proof
Author's questionnaireAuthor's remuneration
Author's reviseAuthor's right
Author's summaryAuthor(s) bibliography
Authoritative sourceAuthorization
Authorized economy standardAuthorized edition
Authorized translationAuthorship
Auto indentAuto proofreading
Auto(matic) focusingAuto-Pack фирм.
Auto-transfer pressAuto-typical
Autobox фирм.Autochanger
AutochromeAutochrome plate
Autochrome printingAutoclamp mechanism
Autoclamp фирм.Autoclave
Autocut фирм.Autocylinder
Autofocus cameraAutofocus mechanism
Autofocus viewing and reproducing apparatusAutoformer фирм.
AutographAutograph copy
Autographic pressAutographic transfer
Autographic(al)Autographic(al) copy
Autographic(al) printingAutographic(al) printing paper
Autokon scanner фирм.Autokon фирм.
AutolithographyAutomask фирм.
AutomateAutomated drafting
Automated publicationAutomatic
Automatic (color) register controlAutomatic air suction feeder
Automatic blanket cleaningAutomatic book sewer
Automatic book trimmerAutomatic brake
Automatic Buffs Splicer фирм.Automatic bundling machine
Automatic butt splicerAutomatic camera
Automatic card index machineAutomatic carriage return
Automatic casterAutomatic centering-and-quadding device
Automatic changeover rewindAutomatic classification
Automatic cleaningAutomatic color compensation
Automatic color register control systemAutomatic composing and slug-casting machine
Automatic composing and type-casting machineAutomatic composition
Automatic containerizerAutomatic conveyor and storage system
Automatic core chuckAutomatic cut-out
Automatic cylinder pressAutomatic Data Processing (ADP)
Automatic depalletizerAutomatic development
Automatic digital folding apparatusAutomatic etcher
Automatic exercise book machineAutomatic exposure timer
Automatic feedAutomatic feeder
Automatic feeding deviceAutomatic film linearization
Automatic film processingAutomatic film processor
Automatic finger-guard arrangementAutomatic focusing system
Automatic focusing unitAutomatic foil embossing platen
Automatic gatherer-stitcherAutomatic gatherer-stitcher trimmer
Automatic gatheringAutomatic gathering, stitching and trimming machine
Automatic glue binding machineAutomatic hopper feeder
Automatic hyphenationAutomatic ink fountain trip
Automatic ink pumpAutomatic ink refilling
Automatic justificationAutomatic knife
Automatic leader tabAutomatic leadering
Automatic loose-leaf filler machineAutomatic machine
Automatic machine for casting spacing materialAutomatic magazine
Automatic magazine cameraAutomatic mailing
Automatic mailing systemAutomatic makeready
Automatic newspaper stereotype casterAutomatic page numbering update program
Automatic palletizing machineAutomatic parceling machine
Automatic pasteAutomatic paster
Automatic pastingAutomatic photocomposing machine
Automatic pile changingAutomatic pile lowering mechanism
Automatic pile raising mechanismAutomatic plate clamping device
Automatic plate discharging deviceAutomatic plate processing
Automatic platenAutomatic platen press
Automatic plotterAutomatic preset shutoff counter
Automatic pressAutomatic press washer
Automatic printingAutomatic printing press
Automatic printing-down frameAutomatic processing
Automatic processorAutomatic projection printer
Automatic repeat spacingAutomatic repeat spacing mechanism
Automatic rewinding machineAutomatic roll changer
Automatic roll winding machineAutomatic rubber blanket wash-up device
Automatic saddle bindingAutomatic scanner
Automatic screen lift-offAutomatic search
Automatic sequence cutAutomatic sheet delivery
Automatic side-lay controlAutomatic slitting machine
Automatic slowdownAutomatic solvent feeder
Automatic spacingAutomatic starting sequence
Automatic stop cylinder machineAutomatic stopping-and-safety pawl
Automatic tape spoolerAutomatic temperature regulator
Automatic tension controlAutomatic tension device
Automatic translationAutomatic trimming machine for continuous run
Automatic tripAutomatic underlining
Automatic vulcanizing pressAutomatic wash-up device
Automatic wash-up systemAutomatic washing
Automatic web tensionAutomatic web-tension adjustment
Automatic winding apparatusAutomation
Autoplate фирм.Autoplaten
AutopolymerizationAutopositive film
Autopositive materialAutoprocessing
Autoprocessor reprography systemAutoreader
Autoreel фирм.Autoscreen film
AutosplicerAutostep фирм.
AutostitcherAutotrip for misfeed
Autotron фирм.Autotype
Autotype imageAutotypical color synthesis
Autotypical multicolor printingAutovertical фирм.
AutoxidationAutumn book
AuxiliariesAuxiliary bin
Auxiliary bookAuxiliary box
Auxiliary characterAuxiliary drum
Auxiliary equipmentAuxiliary feed tray
Auxiliary folderAuxiliary keyboard
Auxiliary keyboard deviceAuxiliary pile
Auxiliary platenAuxiliary pull unit
Auxiliary rollAuxiliary roll drive
Auxiliary roll standAverage
Average circulationAverage consumption
Average gradientAverage intensity
Average priceAverage production
Average speedAverage temperature
Average web tensionAvertence of camera
Award-winning booksAxial aberration
Axially reciprocable rollerAxis
Azine dyeAzo dye
Azo dyestuff componentAzure laid paper
Azure toolingAzured back