Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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F-numberFabriano paper
FabricFabric covered roller
Fabricated leatherFabrikoid фирм.
FaceFace alignment
Face boardFace change character
Face downFace master
Face outFace plate (of the front guide)
Face printingFace [heavy] stroke
Face-upFace-up discharge
Faceless blanketFaceplate
Facet(ed) classificationFacia
Facing lineFacing pages
Facing paperFacsimile
Facsimile apparatusFacsimile binding
Facsimile communicationFacsimile copy
Facsimile copy mediumFacsimile engraving
Facsimile imageFacsimile laser platemaker
Facsimile machineFacsimile printing
Facsimile printing machineFacsimile proof
Facsimile reprintFacsimile reproduction
Facsimile signatureFacsimile system
Facsimile transceiverFacsimile transmission
Facsimile transmitterFacsimilist
FactotumFactual book
FadeFade outfit
Fade testingFade-out blue
Fade-out halftoneFade-resistant
FadeometerFadeproof dichroic filtration
FadingFail-safe security device
FailureFaint impression
Faint negativeFaint ruling
Fair copyFair use
Faithful to the originalFake color process
Fake duotoneFake-color work
Fall bookFall season
Falling ball viscosimeterFalling load viscosimeter
Falling sphere viscosimeterFalse body
False depth plateFalse line
False titleFamily subscription
FanFan delivery
Fan dryingFan fold apparatus
Fan folderFan folding
Fan glueingFan-fold
Fan-foldFan-folding machine
Fan-out wheelFan-out-effect
Fanal colorFancy
Fancy advertizing materialFancy calf
Fancy clothFancy dash
Fancy filletFancy initial
Fancy leatherFancy letter
Fancy paper making machineFancy type
Fanfold materialFanfold paper
FanfoldingFanned-out sheets
Fanning-out processFantastic story
Far sideFashion paper
FastFast emulsion
Fast glueFast optics
Fast pigmentFast reproduction system
Fast sheet detectorFast-access developer
Fast-etch processFast-setting ink
Fast-to-light colorFastener
FasteningFastening of book sections
Fastening techniqueFastness
Fastness to lightFat
Fat dyeFat face
Fat matterFat take
Fat-faced typeFattening
Faulty bookFawn leather
Feather edgeFeathered edge
Featherweight paperFeature
Feature pageFecit лат.
Federal publicationFee
FeedFeed actuating solenoid
Feed binFeed blast
Feed blowerFeed board
Feed board tapeFeed board unit
Feed holeFeed hopper
Feed kickerFeed level
Feed out mechanismFeed pile height
Feed pumpFeed roll
Feed roll-type pressFeed roller
Feed roller force adjusting deviceFeed table
Feed throatFeed zone
Feed(er) [feeding] barFeed(ing) apparatus
Feed(ing) boxFeed(ing)-in roller
Feed-inFeed-in cylinder
Feed-roll deviceFeed-roll system
FeederFeeder cam shaft
Feeder cam shaft gearFeeder chain
Feeder clutch shaft brakeFeeder drive
Feeder drive latchFeeder drive pawl
Feeder drive shaftFeeder end
Feeder frameFeeder lever
Feeder operating handwheelFeeder pile
Feeder pile tableFeeder plate
Feeder rollersFeeder side
Feeder tableFeeder table hand crank
Feeder tapeFeeder timing
Feeder tripFeeder unit
Feeder vacuum-and-air pumpFeeder [feeding] station
Feeder-off push-buttonFeeding
Feeding deviceFeeding position
Feeding sectionFeeding sheet
Feeding suckerFeeding troubles
Feeding unitFeedroll feeding
Feeler deviceFeeler gage
FeelingFeeling of paper
FeltFelt blanket
Felt finishFelt pad
Felt sideFelt tip
Female counterFemale creasing
Female dieFemale plate
FenderFerric chloride
Ferric ferrocyanideFerrocyanide
Ferrofluid inkFerrography
Ferromagnetic printingFerrotype
Ferrotype plateFestive publication
FestoonFestoon flying splicer
Festoon rollersFiber
Fiber coatingFiber composition
Fiber cutting apparatusFiber length
Fiber orientationFiber [fibrous] material
Fiber-optic faceplateFiberboard
Fiberboard canFiberglass
FibreFibre drum
Fibreboard boxFibrous
Fibrous hoseFibrous sheet
Fibrous structureFiche
Fiche cutterFiche-sized aperture card
FictionFiction book
Fiction catalog(ue)Fidelity
FieldField aberration
Field circuitField function
Field of view [of vision]Field voltage
Field windingField-effect transistor
FigureFigure wheel
Filament-reinforced tapeFilamentation
File hole punchingFile maintenance capability
File management moduleFile passing
File puncherFile reel
File serverFilename
FiligreeFiligree letter
Filigree ornamentFiligree paper
Filing cabinetFill
Fill-inFill-in powder
Fill-upFilled font
FillerFiller neck
FilletFillet pad
Fillet rollFilling
Filling agentFilling by weight
Filling hopperFilling in shadows
Filling lineFilling material
Filling of inkFilling of paper
Filling pieceFilling quantity
Filling volumeFilling-in guard
Filling-in quadsFilm
Film advanceFilm assembly
Film baseFilm batch number
Film cameraFilm capacity
Film cardFilm carriage
Film carriage cushion cylinderFilm carrier
Film cartridgeFilm cassette
Film coatingFilm composition
Film contactingFilm copy
Film cuttingFilm cutting machine
Film dampeningFilm damping unit
Film dimensionsFilm distortion
Film drumFilm dryer
Film dryingFilm drying outfit
Film elevating mechanismFilm engraving
Film filterFilm flat
Film fontFilm former
Film frameFilm holder
Film imageFilm inking unit
Film intermediateFilm issue
Film jacketFilm laminating machine
Film letteringFilm linearization
Film locating barFilm magazine
Film maskFilm master
Film master diskFilm mechanical
Film montageFilm negative
Film nip rollFilm of liquid
Film outputFilm pack
Film pack magazineFilm plate
Film positiveFilm printing
Film processFilm processing
Film processing equipmentFilm processor
Film punchFilm recorder
Film rinseFilm roll
Film screenFilm shrinkage
Film sizeFilm slide
Film spaceFilm speed
Film spliceFilm spool
Film stepFilm storage cabinet
Film stripFilm support
Film tapeFilm thickness monitor
Film threading deviceFilm transport
Film tubeFilm welder
Film wrapperFilm wrapping machine
Film [image] projectorFilm [movie] right
Film(ed) bookFilm-and-paper paste-up
Film-bag machineFilm-board
Film-coating industryFilm-forming reaction
Film-moving mechanismFilmer roller
FilmingFilmize амер.
Filmless compositionFilmless platemaking
Filmless proofFilmprinter
Filmset proofFilmsetter
FilmsettingFilmsetting machine
FilmstripFilmstrip font
FilterFilter cloth
Filter factorFilter holder
Filter layerFilter mechanism
Filter of subtractive primary colorsFilter paper
Filter passbandFilter ratio
Filter-emulsion combinationFilter-wheel
Filter-wheelFiltered darkroom lamp
Filtered lightFiltering-paper tester
FiltrationFiltration process
Final chapterFinal compilation
Final copyFinal film
Final ink impressionFinal manuscript
Final printed productFinal product
Final proofFinal reel diameter
Final reviseFinal support sheet
Final title stripFinalized run
Finder frameFine adjustment
Fine and heavy-lined typeFine cut
Fine definitionFine detail
Fine etchingFine face rule
Fine grainFine halftone
Fine layerFine leather binding
Fine lineFine line lithography
Fine mistFine paper
Fine paper editionFine powder
Fine printFine resolution
Fine rulingFine screen
Fine screen halftone patchFine screen work
Fine typeFine wedge
Fine-feed stylusFine-grain developer
Fine-grain(ed) emulsionFine-grain(ed) image
Fine-grained developmentFine-grained felt
Fine-line graverFine-pore layer
Fine-serif typeFine-wire fuse
Fineart(s)Finely divided toner
Finger guard deviceFinger-tip control
Finished artFinished copy
Finished inkFinished layout
Finished paperFinished plate
Finished productFinisher
Finisher's pressFinisher's rubber
Finisher's [finishing] slabFinishing
Finishing apparatusFinishing coat
Finishing etchingFinishing line
Finishing paintFinishing process
Finishing varnishFinishing-on-demand (FOD)
Fire riskFireproof paper
Firm dotFirm style
Firmly coherent sheetFirst bite
First blast holesFirst cut
First elevatorFirst elevator slide
First flowFirst fold
First fold(ing) levelFirst folding plate
First formFirst galley makeup
First galley proofFirst generation
First generation microfilmFirst line
First normal stress differenceFirst or second order inferior
First order superiorFirst pressman
First printed bookFirst printed copy
First printerFirst printing
First printing cylinderFirst printing tone
First proofFirst pull
First revise амер.First series
First spelling bookFirst-fold gage
First-fold knifeFirst-generation halftone
First-generation imageFirst-order character
First-side impressionFirst-word reference
Fiscal blue bookFiscal stamp
Fish glueFish glue hot top уст.
Fish oilFist
FitFit to print
FittingFive-cylinder press
Five-on, five-upFive-station automatic glueing collator
FixFixating developer
Fixating developmentFixation
Fixation rollerFixative
FixedFixed (head) disk вчт.
Fixed binderFixed bow curved roller
Fixed camera mountingFixed cost(s)
Fixed cutoffFixed focus
Fixed focus cameraFixed image
Fixed knifeFixed recirculation system
Fixed reductionFixed size press
Fixed stitching headFixed word
Fixed-size folderFixed-sized pin folder
Fixed-speed feed rollerFixer
Fixer tankFixing
Fixing agentFixing bath
Fixing liquid developerFixing roller
Fixing solutionFixture
FlagFlag page
FlakingFlame zone
Flame-resistant rollerFlange
FlapFlap cut
Flap cutterFlap fold
Flap of a folding caseFlap shaft
FlaserFlaser texture
FlashFlash attachment
Flash cureFlash dot
Flash exposureFlash fuser
Flash fusing lampFlash fusing system
Flash guide numberFlash lamp
Flash memoryFlash no step command
Flash pointFlash point tester
Flash valueFlash(ing) light
FlashingFlashing exposure
Flashing pointFlat
Flat backFlat backing
Flat bagFlat bar
Flat bedFlat bed ink distribution plate
Flat beltFlat belt conveyor
Flat blankFlat brush
Flat cableFlat cap
Flat castFlat clock spring separator
Flat colorFlat color printing
Flat connectorFlat copy
Flat crushFlat crush resistance
Flat deliveryFlat die
Flat envelopeFlat etch
Flat etchingFlat finish
Flat foolscapFlat form
Flat gasketFlat gathering
Flat gripperFlat image
Flat impressionFlat ink
Flat marbleFlat oil paint
Flat pack folderFlat panel display
Flat paperFlat pile feeder
Flat plateFlat platen copier
Flat printFlat printing
Flat proofFlat punching
Flat screenFlat sculper
Flat serifFlat spring sheet guide
Flat staplingFlat stereotype
Flat stitchingFlat surface
Flat toneFlat work
Flat(-bed) cutterFlat-and-back stripping machine
Flat-bed (cylinder) pressFlat-bed cylinder unit
Flat-bed flexographyFlat-bed machine
Flat-bed microfilmerFlat-bed offset machine
Flat-bed offset pressFlat-bed offset proof press
Flat-bed ordinary paper copierFlat-bed printing
Flat-bed printing pressFlat-bed printing press
Flat-bed rotary machineFlat-bed rotary press
Flat-bed scannerFlat-bed screen printing machine
Flat-bed stop cylinder pressFlat-bed type area
Flat-bed web-fed machineFlat-bed web-fed press
Flat-bed [flat-field] input scannerFlat-color work
Flat-lithographic pressFlat-planing machine
Flat-plate screen processFlat-serif type
Flat-shaving machineFlatbed
Flatbed cameraFlatbed laser recorder
Flatbed plotterFlatness
FlatteningFlatting paper
Flawed articleFlesh color
Flesh toneFlesh-color
Flex-testFlex-working zone
Flexback фирм.Flexiback фирм.
FlexibilityFlexibility on ageing
Flexibility testFlexible
Flexible agentFlexible biased selective web printer
Flexible bindingFlexible boards
Flexible cardboardFlexible case
Flexible containerFlexible cover
Flexible doctor rollerFlexible glue
Flexible impression rollerFlexible letterpress printing plate
Flexible materialFlexible mold
Flexible one-piece cloth-coated caseFlexible one-piece cover
Flexible one-piece plastic-coated caseFlexible packaging
Flexible plateFlexible sewing
Flexible stereotypeFlexible tube
Flexible warehousing moduleFlexible web processing system
Flexible web productFlexible wraparound printing plate
Flexing lifeFlexo corrugated press
Flexo folder-gluerFlexo plate process
Flexo printingFlexo(graphic) plate
Flexo(graphic)printing pressFlexographer
Flexographic die-cutterFlexographic insetting
Flexographic printerFlexographic printing
Flexographic printing apparatusFlexographic printing assembly
Flexographic printing inkFlexographic printing machine
Flexographic printing systemFlexographic process
Flexographic proofing pressFlexographic rotary
Flexographic techniqueFlexographic web-fed press
FlintFlint paper
Flip imageFlip-over roll stand
Flip-topFlip/top platemaker
FlipperFlipper brush
Flipper springFlipping
Flippy-floppyFlitter [flock] printing
Float gageFloat ink meter
Float tankFloat valve
FloatingFloating gate
Floating gate sheet separatorFloating keyboard
Floating pressure rollerFloating roll mill
Floating roll steering guideFloating roller
Floating roller positionFloating takeup roll
Floating [piece] accentFloating-dancer roller constant tension unit
FlocculationFlock finishing
Flock spray gunFlong
Flong conditioning boxFlong distortion
Flong paperFlood
Floor displayFloor level press
Floor of matrixFloor space
Floor-fed unitFloor-level operation
FloormanFloorpost paper
Flopped readingFlopping
Floppy cassette inputFloppy disk
Floppy disk writerFloral
Floral design in title-pageFloral ornament
FlotationFlotation dryer
Flotation methodFlourish
FlowFlow camera
Flow chartFlow control element
Flow diagramFlow meter
Flow mottleFlow point
Flow resist coatingFlow restrictor
Flow testFlow time
Flow turn unitFlow type powderless etching machine
Flow-chartFlow-chart symbol
Flow-line productionFlow-out
Flow-type heaterFlowage
Flowchart symbolFlower
FlowingFlowing water
Flowline trimmerFlowmeter
Floxed bookFluctuation
Fluffy paperFluid
Fluid applying deviceFluid applying mechanism
Fluid control systemFluid corrected copy
Fluid filmFluid film thickness
Fluid film thickness detectorFluid film thickness sensor
Fluid injectorFluid injector unit
Fluid portion of inkFluid transfer efficiency
Fluidic double sheet sensorFluidimeter
FluidityFluore spot
FluorescenceFluorescence layer
FluorescentFluorescent coating
Fluorescent inkFluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lightingFluorescent pigment
Fluorescent tubeFluoro-carbon-base(d) ink
Fluorographic drawingFlush
Flush blockFlush blocking
Flush coverFlush left composition
Flush paragraphFlush right composition
Flush trimmingFlush [full-line] headline
Flush-trimmed cutFlushed color
Flushed pigmentFlushing
Flushing machineFlute
Flute crushFluting
Fluting rollFlutter
Fly boardFly press
Fly(er) sticksFly-cutter
Fly-leafFly-leat (sheet) paper
Flyer deliveryFlying
Flying gripper barFlying imprinter
Flying inkFlying knife
Flying pastingFlying plate change imprinter
Flying printerFlying splice
Flying splicerFlying splicing
Flying stitcherFlying tucker folder
Foam inkFoam liquid developer
Foam packageFoam rubber
Foam(-forming) inhibitorFoamed ink
Foamed plasticFoamed sheet material
FoamingFoaming agent
Foamless caseinFocal
Focal depthFocal distance
Focal lengthFocal point
Focus of lensFocus setting
FocusingFocusing barrel
Focusing deviceFocusing drive
Focusing drive mechanismFocusing field
Focusing glassFocusing lens
Focusing marksFocusing mechanism
Focusing microscopeFocusing panel
Focusing screenFocusing tapes
FogFog density
Fog of inkFogged dot
FoggingFogging exposure
Font markFont on-line
Font per masterFont retrieval
Font schemeFont selection
Font sizeFont slot
Font storageFont weight
Font width tableFont [image] master
Font-change characterFood packaging
Food packaging paperFoolproof reading
FoolscapFoolscap 11/2 sheet
Foolscap 11/3 sheetFoolscap 4to [quarto]
Foolscap folioFoolscap long folio
Foolscap quartoFoolscape paper
FootFoot margin
Foot markFoot of page
Foot powerFoot treadle
Foot-candleFoot-candle meter
Foot-margin gutterFoot-operated wire stitcher
FootnoteFootnote bibliography
FootstickFor press
For referenceForce
Force pumpForced ageing
Forced dryingForced-feed pump system
Fore-edge marginFore-edge painting
French ruleFrench-Japan paper
FrequencyFrequency of occurrence
Fresh inkFresh page
Fresh pileFreshly printed product
Freshly printed sheetFreshly printed surface
Friction bearingFriction clamp
Friction feedFriction feeder
Friction glazingFriction roll brake
Frictional feed rollerFriezed roller
FringeFringe of dot
Fringeless dotFringing
FrisketFrisket carriage
Frisket frameFrisket paper
Frisket pinFrisket tape
FrontFront (guide) tongue
Front blowerFront board
Front connectorFront cover
Front deliveryFront end operation
Front escapement pawlFront flap
Front fly deliveryFront fly-leaf
Front focusFront forwarding sucker
Front guardFront guide cam
Front guide face plateFront guide stop
Front guide stop screwFront guide timing
Front guidesFront jogger
Front layFront light
Front margin retaining barFront matter
Front pageFront page date-line
Front page editorialFront plate
Front plate clampFront register gage
Front registering guidesFront retaining pawl
Front separation feederFront setting abutment
Front sideFront sucker
Front sucker barFront wall
Front [front-lay] edgeFront-and-back adjustment
Front-endFront-end (composition) system
Front-end logicFront-end pagination system
Front-end subsystemFront-end typesetting system
Front-end workstationFront-heavy inker
Front-lay positionFrontispiece
Frontispiece titleFrost
Frost deformation processFrost image
Frost printingFrost xerography
Frosted plateFrosting
Frosting of alkydsFrosty face
FrothingFrothing powder
Frozen inkFruit tissue
FudgeFudge box
Fudge cylinderFudge device
Fugitive colorFujilith film фирм.
FullFull binding
Full calf bindingFull catalog(ue)
Full coatingFull color
Full color printingFull depth
Full entryFull leather binding
Full measure of lineFull page
Full page depth scrollingFull page output
Full pointFull radiator
Full range [full scale] black printerFull scale halftone negative
Full serviceFull shagreen binding
Full size formFull sizes
Full stopFull title
Full toneFull tone area
Full unitFull vellum
Full wordFull-bound
Full-color illustrationFull-color picture books
Full-format imageFull-out
Full-page compositionFull-page composition system
Full-page facsimile recorderFull-page film
Full-page illustrationFull-page laser scanning
Full-page makeupFull-page plate
Full-page tableFull-range black
Full-scaleFull-screen editor
Full-size drawingFull-size issue
Full-size newspaper pageFull-size open case
Full-size pageFull-size proof print
Full-size(d) copyFull-size(d) image
Full-size(d) photocopyingFull-size(d) print
Full-sized fractionFull-speed reel splicing
Full-strengthFull-tone original
Full-web pressFull-width web
Full-write pulseFullface
Fully automatic adhesive bindingFully automatic composition
Fully automatic insertingFully automatic press
Fully packed cylinderFully paginated
Fully stripped blankFume
Fume extraction hoodFunction
Function keyFunction(al) word
Functional characterFunctional command
Functional elementFunctional instruction
Functional shiftFunctional unit
Fundamental classificationFundamental color
Fungicidal paperFungicide paper
Funnel rubbing machineFur brush system
FurnaceFurnace black
Furnace gas blackFurnish
Furnishing rollerFurniture
Furniture cabinetFurniture material
Furniture rackFuse
Fused copyFused dryer
FuserFuser assembly
Fuser control systemFuser roller
Fuser thermal protectorFuser [fusing] apparatus
Fusible alloyFusible metal
FusingFusing intensity
Fusing processFusing temperature
FuzzyFuzzy outline