Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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IBM Selectric composerIcon
Icon barIcon-driven
Icon-driven page compositionIcon-driven page composition system
IdentificationIdentification mark
Identification markingIdentify
Identifying tagIdentity card
Identity codeIdentity, security and transaction card system
IdeographyIdiot typing
IdleIdle press time
Idle rollIdle tape
Idle timeIdle top roller
IdlerIdler roller
IdlingIdotron фирм.
Ignore line codeIkarus фирм.
Ill-boundIllegal matter
Illegal pressIllegible
IlluminanceIlluminance modulation
Illuminated bookIlluminated makeup table
Illuminated signIlluminated table
Illuminating powerIlluminating [luminous] effect
IlluminationIllumination apparatus
Illumination equipmentIllumination level
Illumination photometerIllumination printing apparatus
Illustrated bookIllustrated catalog(ue)
Illustrated layoutIllustrated postcard paper
IllustrationIllustration board
Illustration in colorIllustration in halftone
Illustration in lineIllustration in text
Illustration inputIllustration printing paper
Illustration scannerIllustration window
Illustrative matterIllustrator
ImageImage (carrying) roll
Image (formation) processImage analyzer
Image anglingImage area
Image assemblyImage base
Image bearing paperImage bearing surface
Image borderImage break
Image captureImage carrier
Image charge configurationImage combining
Image contrastImage conversion
Image converterImage cropping
Image cylinderImage cylinder mounting cover
Image definitionImage development
Image digital analyzerImage digitization
Image elementImage enhancement
Image erasing deviceImage face
Image faultImage field
Image fileImage formation
Image forming apparatusImage forming composition
Image forming methodImage fusing
Image fusing apparatusImage fusing device
Image graphicsImage information
Image intensifierImage loss
Image magnificationImage management system
Image manipulationImage module
Image monitorImage mosaic patterning
Image packing densityImage particles
Image pilingImage pixel copying
Image planeImage position
Image positioningImage powder
Image previewerImage previewing
Image processingImage processing subsystem
Image processing systemImage processor
Image quantizationImage rays
Image receiving plateImage receiving surface
Image recorderImage recording member
Image refresh rateImage regeneration
Image regionImage registration
Image reproduction industryImage reproduction machine
Image resolutionImage reversal
Image rotationImage scale
Image scalingImage scan(ning) system
Image sensorImage sharpness
Image silhouettingImage size
Image spreadImage squaring
Image toningImage transfer
Image transfer ionographyImage transfer member
Image transfer [image transmission] deviceImage tube
Image understandingImage well
Image workstationImage zone
Image [picture] detailImage [picture] generation
Image(-forming) electrodeImage-carrying belt
Image-converter tubeImage-receiving element
Image-related textImage-viewing tube
Imaged plateImagery
ImagesetterImagewise distribution of charges
Imaginative literatureImaging
Imaging deviceImaging material
Imaging scienceImaging sheet
Imaging stationImaging step
Imaging suspensionImaging system
Imaging technologyImbalance
ImbibitionImbibition paper
Imbibition printingImbibition transfer process
ImitationImitation art paper
Imitation chromo boardImitation deckle-edge [imitation hand-made] paper
Imitation leatherImitation leather binding
Imitation morocco bindingImitation of paper
Imitation parchmentImitized film
ImmarginateImmediate lead
Immersion meltingImmersion plating
ImmixabilityImpact printer
Impact printingImpact viscosity
Impactless printingImpart
ImpartingImpeller mixer
Imperfect impressionImperfect printing
Imperfect registerImperfection
ImperialImperial folio брит.
Imperial measuring systemImperial octavo
Imperial quartoImpermeable layer
ImperviousImpingement black
Impingement bladeImport application
Import embargoImport file
Imposer systemImposing
Imposing scaleImposing section
Imposing stoneImposing surface
Imposing unitImposing [imposition] scheme
ImpositionImposition book
Imposition dummyImposition layout
Imposition planningImposition-and-proof press
ImpregnabilityImpregnant agent
Impregnated corrugated boardImpregnated paper
Impregnating agentImpregnating machine
Impregnating varnishImpregnation
ImpressionImpression (cylinder) gap
Impression (throw-on, throw-out) leverImpression control
Impression control camImpression control lever
Impression control mechanismImpression cylinder
Impression cylinder dressingImpression cylinder gear
Impression cylinder gripperImpression development
Impression dwellImpression is (put) on
Impression is offImpression line
Impression materialImpression mechanism
Impression paperImpression per hour
Impression pressureImpression ribbon
Impression ripImpression roll
Impression roller lineImpression screw
Impression segmentImpression setting
Impression sheetImpression throw
Impression tripImpression trip lever
Imprimatur лат.Imprint
Imprint dateImprint presentation
Imprint zoneImprinted
Imprinted patternImprinter
Imprinting deviceImprinting machine
Imprinting pressureImprinting unit
Impulse purchaseImpure color
ImpurityImpurity concentration
In a high keyIn a low key
In and out folder unitIn block letters
In boardIn bookish form
In facsimileIn gear
In large printIn letters
In many volumesIn monochrome
In multiplicateIn one pass
In parallelIn parameter
In planoIn position
In pressIn print
In progressIn quires
In real timeIn register
In roll formIn sheets
In signaturesIn slips
In small printIn tabloid form
In typeIn [to] scale
In-12 moIn-16 mo
In-6 moIn-between sizes
In-built color unitIn-built unit
In-cut noteIn-house printer
In-house printing plantIn-line
In-line checkIn-line covering
In-line feedIn-line finishing
In-line finishing equipmentIn-line finishing system
In-line initialIn-line labeler
In-line machineIn-line numbering
In-line paper conversion machineIn-line perforating
In-line perfotape feedIn-line press
In-line printing and converting machineIn-line printing system
In-line productionIn-line roll sheeter
In-line sprocketIn-line unit
In-line web varnishingIn-line-feed holes
In-numbersIn-octavo лат.
In-out parameterIn-pack
In-plant printerIn-plant printery
In-plant printingIn-plant publishing operation
In-process inventoryIn-process storage
Inaccurate translationInactive filler
Incandescent lampIncandescent lighting
Inch markInch speed
Incident lightIncident ray
Incident waveIncineration system
InclinationInclined feed table
Inclusive depthInclusive edition
Incoming radiationIncomplete bibliography
Incomplete fountIncomplete volume
Inconvenient letteringIncorrect exposure
Incorrodible [incorrosize] typeIncrement
Incremental letterspace additionIncremental letterspace subtraction
Indanthrene pigmentIndelible mark
IndentIndent style
IndentationIndentation hardness
Indentation on back of sheetIndented line
Indented paragraphIndention
Independent distributor амер.Index
Index cardIndex cutting and printing machine
Index guideIndex mark
Index mechanismIndex punching machine
Index royalIndex translatorium лат.
Index wordIndexed conveyor
Indexing systemIndia paper
India rubberIndia tint
Indian blueIndian ink
Indian Oxford paperIndian paper
Indian-proof paperIndicating panel
IndicationIndicative data
IndicatorIndicator paper
Indicator plateIndicia
Indicia carrierIndicia location
Indicia marking elementIndicium
Indicium forming projectionIndicium print head
IndigoIndirect colorimetry
Indirect deliveryIndirect flat-bed cylinder press
Indirect lightingIndirect photo stencil system
Indirect platemakingIndirect press
Indirect printIndirect printing
Indirect processIndirect relief
Indirect rotary pressIndirect separation
Indirect [offset] letterpressIndistinct image
Individual adjustmentIndividual bibliography
Individual character-pair kerningIndividual cut
Individual radiatorIndividual spring gripper
Individually addressed magazineIndoor temperature
Induction heatingInduction period
Industrial applicationIndustrial color matching unit
Industrial containerIndustrial fabrics
Industrial legislationIndustrial package
Industrial packagingIndustrial park
Industrial printerIndustrial production
Industrial robotIndustrial safety standards
Industrial standard sizesIndustrial waste
Ineffective timeInert pigment
Inert zoneInertia
Inertia of emulsionInfectious
Infectious developerInfeed
Infeed cylinderInfeed device
Infeed endInfeed grippers
Infeed rollInfeed system
Infeed unitInfeed web pacing station
Infeed weightInfeed wrap system
InferiorInferior character
Inferior figureInferior letter
Infinitely variable ink quantity adjustmentInfinity
Infinity adjustmentInfinity focus
Inflammable solventInformation
Information (management) systemInformation booklet
Information bulletinInformation bureau
Information carrierInformation highway
Information inputInformation response
Information retrievalInformation retrieval system
Information sourceInformation transmission rate
Informational booksInformative abstract
Informative bibliographyInfra-red
Infra-red driyngInfra-red pyrometer
InfrachromaticInfrared (absorption) band
Infrared absorbing imageInfrared dryer
Infrared drying equipmentInfrared energy
Infrared filmInfrared filter
Infrared lightInfrared lighting
Infrared monitorInfrared photography
Infrared radiationInfrared source
Infrared spectrumInfrared [IR] curing
Infrared [IR] dryingInfrared [IR] radiation
InfringeInfringement of copyright
Infusible compositionInfusible roller
Ingot feeder attachmentInherent viscosity
Inhibit margin printoutInhibition
InhibitorInitation parchment
InitialInitial cap
Initial chapterInitial hardness
Initial ink-setting processInitial letter
Initial positionInitial reel diameter
Initial roundInitial tape
InjectionInjection mould
Injection mouldingInjector
Injector rail inkerInk
Ink (distributing) railInk (distributing) [ink-up] table
Ink (film) splittingInk (fountain) pan
Ink (fountain) screwInk (test) [printed test] patch
Ink (web) cassetteInk acceptance
Ink actionInk agitator
Ink applicationInk application roller
Ink applicatorInk applicator carriage assembly
Ink balanceInk ball
Ink beltInk blade
Ink blade keyInk bleeding
Ink blockInk bowl
Ink boxInk buildup
Ink canInk carrying
Ink catcherInk centrifugal type pump
Ink circulatorInk coated dampener roller
Ink coatingInk color
Ink compositionInk compound
Ink concentrationInk conditioner
Ink conduitInk consistency
Ink consumptionInk container
Ink contaminationInk control box
Ink control zoneInk conveying roller
Ink conveying roller trainInk conveying unit
Ink curingInk deflection electrode
Ink deflection electrode deviceInk density
Ink density amplitudeInk density measuring system
Ink depositInk deposition
Ink dispensingInk distributing
Ink distributorInk distributor temperature control
Ink drain hoseInk drawing
Ink drierInk drop
Ink drop charge compensationInk drop deflection
Ink drop printerInk droplet formation
Ink dryerInk drying test
Ink drying testerInk drying time
Ink ductInk ductor
Ink ductor controlInk ductor control lever
Ink ductor cycleInk ductor ductor
Ink ductor eccentric pinInk ductor feed roller
Ink ductor shaftInk duplicator
Ink embossingInk emulsification
Ink fadeInk feed change
Ink feed tubeInk feed unit
Ink feedbackInk feeding
Ink feeding railInk filament
Ink filmInk filtration
Ink fixationInk flooding
Ink flooding under pressureInk flow
Ink flow controlInk flow intercepting roller
Ink flow surgingInk flying
Ink for machine-coated paperInk for multicolor printing
Ink for use on foodwrappers and packagesInk form roller
Ink form roller pressureInk forming
Ink formulationInk fount
Ink fountainInk fountain (duct) roller
Ink fountain agitatorInk fountain applicator roll
Ink fountain bladeInk fountain blade-setting mechanism
Ink fountain dividerInk fountain duct roller control
Ink fountain keyInk fountain key control system
Ink fountain key presetting systemInk fountain roller
Ink fountain roller adjusterInk fountain roller motor
Ink fountain roller strokeInk fountain trip
Ink fountain troughInk fountain zone
Ink holdoutInk hose
Ink imageInk image transfer
Ink image transfer operationInk impervious film
Ink impregnated fabricInk impregnated platen
Ink industryInk jet
Ink jet continuousInk jet deflection
Ink jet deflection systemInk jet drop formation
Ink jet drop on demandInk jet printer
Ink jet printer pen unitInk jet printing
Ink jet printing apparatusInk jet printing head
Ink jet pumpInk jet recorder
Ink jet streamInk key setting
Ink knife apertureInk lab
Ink laydownInk leakage
Ink lengthInk level
Ink level controlInk level control device
Ink level control systemInk level regulator
Ink level sensorInk leveler
Ink makerInk making
Ink matcherInk matching
Ink meteringInk metering bar
Ink metering pumpInk metering roller
Ink methodInk mileage
Ink millInk milling
Ink mistInk mist eliminator
Ink mist prevention deviceInk mist suppression
Ink mist suppression rollerInk mist suppression system
Ink mist suppressorInk mist treatment device
Ink mist type printerInk mixer
Ink monitoring apparatusInk motion
Ink offset preventing spray unitInk offsetting
Ink out-off bladeInk oversupply
Ink penetrationInk pickup
Ink pigmentInk piling on rollers
Ink pipetteInk plate
Ink powderInk presetting
Ink printingInk printing device
Ink pumpInk pump motor
Ink pumpingInk pumping arrangement
Ink pumping pistonInk pumping system
Ink quality controlInk rail assembly
Ink ratchet pawlInk raw material
Ink receptacleInk receptive areas
Ink receptivityInk redissolving
Ink refusalInk regulator
Ink repellingInk requirement
Ink resinificationInk resistance
Ink retaining structureInk return tank
Ink ribbonInk roller
Ink roller adjusting screwInk roller adjustment device
Ink roller arrangementInk roller bearing
Ink roller carriage leverInk roller covering
Ink roller setInk roller train
Ink roller washing deviceInk room
Ink rotationInk rub test
Ink sheetInk skipping
Ink slabInk slice
Ink slideInk slinger
Ink smear testInk solvent
Ink splashingInk spraying device
Ink spreadInk sprinkler
Ink squashInk squeeze
Ink stabilityInk stamping
Ink stirringInk stone
Ink storage inking unitInk strength
Ink striationInk stripe width
Ink sumpInk supplement
Ink supplyInk supply carriage
Ink supply lineInk supply reservoir
Ink supply tankInk supply tube
Ink supplying ratioInk tack
Ink tankInk tanking and dispensing equipment
Ink testing machineInk thixotropy
Ink throw-off mechanismInk top уст.
Ink tracking testInk train
Ink transferInk transfer curve
Ink transfer equationInk transfer process
Ink transfer rollerInk trapping
Ink troughInk unit
Ink valveInk vehicle
Ink vibrating cylinderInk vibrator
Ink viscosimeterInk viscosity
Ink volumeterInk washing solvent
Ink webInk wiper
Ink yieldInk yielding capacity
Ink zone stripInk [printing] cart
Ink(ed) impressionInk(ing) apparatus
Ink(ing) drumInk-and-water balance
Ink-blade gapInk-can stability
Ink-carrying capabilityInk-carrying surface
Ink-circulating systemInk-dispensing system
Ink-distributing surfaceInk-distribution system
Ink-dot scumInk-eraser
Ink-feed rollerInk-feeding blade
Ink-filled cellInk-film break
Ink-film break-downInk-film thickness
Ink-in-water emulsionInk-jet type printing device
Ink-metering systemInk-mist generator
Ink-offsetting surfaceInk-pickup roller
Ink-receiving rollerInk-receptive
Ink-release capabilityInk-repellent
Ink-repellent rollerInk-ribbon feed device
Ink-source rollerInk-splitting process
Ink-supplying mechanismInk-water balance
Ink-water imbalanceInk-water monitor
Inkable fabricInkatron фирм.
InkbleedInked form
Inked portionInked-up
InkerInker drum
Inker mechanismInker pyramid
Inker rollerInker unit
Inker wash-up machineInker [ink roller] frame
Inker [ink(ing) roller] carriageInker [inking] system
InkingInking (applicator) roller
Inking arrangement areaInking brayer
Inking cylinderInking device
Inking diskInking form roller
Inking mechanismInking phase
Inking pump unitInking roller
Inking roller adjustmentInking roller drive
Inking roller lockInking unit
Inking unit controlInking unit cooling device
Inking unit cooling systemInking unit drive
Inking unit side frameInking unit temperature control
Inkjet printerInkless printing
InkometerInlaid binding
Inlaid workInlay
Inlet tubeInline feed paper tape
Inline letterInline shadow initial
InnerInner book
Inner endpaperInner form
Inner [inside] marginInner [inside] section
Inner [internal] viscosityInorganic curing agent
Inorganic pigmentInpendentive
Input dataInput device
Input keyboardInput line
Input powerInput revision typewriter
Input standardsInput tape
Input tensionInput terminal
Input textInput voltage
Input-editing keyboardInput-output
Input-output conversionInput-output equipment
Input-output typewriter apparatusInput/output [I/O] typewriter
Inrange signalInscribed copy
Insecticide paperInsecticide paperboard
Insert bindingInsert feeder
Insert feeding deviceInsert key
Insert line counterInsert nut
Insert [inside] signatureInsert-type matter
Inserted endpaperInserted leaf
Inserted linerInserted page
Inserted rag paragraphInserter
Inserter for blotting paperInserting
Inserting machineInserting [insertion] device
InsertionInsertion criterion
Insertion markInset
Insetted bookInsetter фирм.
InsettingInsetting equipment
InsideInside form
Inside pageInside page date-line
Inside printing unitInside room
Inside sheetInside tip
Inside titleInside-out tape spooler
Insolating deviceInsolubility
InsolubleInsoluble resin
InspectionInspection equipment for roll labels
Inspection tableInspection window
InstabilityInstability zone
InstallationInstallation and checkout phase
Installation areaInstallment selling
Instant artInstant display screen
Instant ink dryerInstant of exposure
Instant printInstant print shop
Instant printeryInstant printing
Instant updatable microficheInstantaneous exposure
Instantaneous shutterInstruction
Instruction code perforationInstruction manual
Instruction tapeInstrument
Insulating layerInsulating rubber
Insulating varnishInsulation paper
IntaglioIntaglio (printing) paper
Intaglio etchingIntaglio halftone
Intaglio halftone (hard-dot) processIntaglio halftone positive
Intaglio plateIntaglio printed sheet
Intaglio printingIntaglio printing cylinder
Intaglio printing pressIntaglio process
Intaglio proofIntake
IntegerIntegral cover
Integral cover scoring unitIntegral density
Integral proofIntegral sensitometry
Integrated circuitIntegrated dampening system
Integrated halftone densityIntegrated manipulation of text and graphics
Integrated-keyboard phototypesetterIntegrating light meter
Integrating sphereIntegrator
Intelligence of typesetting systemIntelligent character recognition
Intelligent character recognition (ICR)Intelligent copier
Intelligent messagingIntelligent network
Intelligent robotIntelligent spacer
Intelligent terminalIntensification
Intensifying bathIntensity
Intensity levelIntensity of light
Intensity scaleInteracting word processor
Interactive displayInteractive input system
Interactive layoutInteractive mode
Interactive page makeupInteractive pagination
Interactive processingInteractive system
Interactive workstationInteraisle
Intercept bladeIntercepting screen
Interceptional blade quire foldingInterchangeable inking unit
Interchangeable keybankInterchangeable lens
Interchangeable magazineInterchangeable matrix
Interchangeable moduleInterchangeable objective
Interchangeable typing wheelIntercolumn space
Interconnecting layerInterface
Interface inhibitorInterface package
Interfacial layerInterfacial phenomena
Interfacial tensionInterference
Interference filterInterference suppression
Interference suppression capacitorInterference suppressor
Interim bindingInterim copyright
Interim guideInterior room/ space
InterleavingInterleaving folder
Interleaving paperInterline
Interline mixingInterline [line] spacing increment
InterlinearInterlinear blank
Interlinear referenceInterlinear space
Interlinear translationInterlineation
Interlined compositionInterlock
Interlock characterInterlocking
Interlocking bindingInterlocking by perforation
IntermediateIntermediate carrier
Intermediate coatIntermediate contrast positive
Intermediate copyIntermediate dampening roller
Intermediate imageIntermediate layer
Intermediate negativeIntermediate roller
Intermediate transfer bodyIntermediate unpaged matter
Intermediate viewIntermediate-feed roller
Intermittent ductingIntermittent error
Intermittent exposureIntermixture
Internal bonding strengthInternal focusing
Internal heatingInternal image
Internal light sourceInternal performance
Internal projectionInternal squeegee
Internal strainInternal stress
International bibliographyInternational classification
International copyrightInternational sale(s)s
Interprocess communicationInterrupted photographic exposure
InterspaceInterstitial space
Intertype composing [typesetting] machineIntertype фирм.
Intraroll defect of paperIntrinsic viscosity
IntroductionIntroductory note
Inverse imageInversely proportional
InversionInversion by mirror
Inversion layerInvert
Invert dot processInverted commas
Inverted cylinderInverted die-stamping press
Inverted imageInverted page
InverterInverting table
Inverting [reversal, reversing] prismInvestment grant
Invisible inkInvitation card
Ion blower for plastic filmIon modulated image forming apparatus
Ion(ic) print(er) headIon-exchange paper
Ion-exchange resinIon-exchanger
IonicIonic printer
Ionic printingIonic printing device
Ionisation deviceIonize
IpmIR dryer
IR drying processIR drying system
IR processIR-clectrophotographic system
IR-curing inkIridescent printing
IrisIris diaphragm
IronIron (hand) press
Iron acidIron blue
Iron chloride etching bathIron cylinder
Iron oxide blackIron roller
IroningIroning device
Ironing rollersIrradiance
IrradiationIrregular can
Irregular dotsIrregular grain gravure screen
Irregular grain screenIrregular interval printing
Irregular publication of newsIrregular region
Isinglass уст.Island
Island dropoutISO sizes
ISO-test patternIsobutanole
Isocyanate rollerIsocyanate varnish
Isodensity curveIsopanchromatic
Issuing bodyIssuing office
ItalicItalic capital
Italic charactersItalic letter
Italic typeItalicize
ItemItinerant bookseller
Ivory cutterIvory paper
Ivory sidesIvory tablets