Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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NN-power magnifier
NailingNailing machine
Nailing marginsNaked form
NameName catalog(ue)
Name entryName plate
NameplateNap roller
Napkin paperNapples yellow
NarrowNarrow angle lighting fitting, narrow angle luminaire
Narrow measureNarrow set
Narrow web splicerNarrow width web
Narrow-band filterNarrow-cut filter
Narrow-web printing processNarrow-web printing [narrow-width] machine
Narrow-widthNarrow-width press
NarrowcastingNational bibliography
National exchange serviceNational jobbers
National union catalog(ue)Natural ageing
Natural antioxidantNatural color
Natural colored paperNatural dye
Natural earth colorNatural earth colour
Natural finishNatural person
Natural rubberNatural size
Nautical chartNC
NCRNCR [no carbon required] paper
Near letter qualityNear side
Needle guideNeedle paper
Needle printerNeedle-pointed stylus
Negative appearing imageNegative catalyst
Negative color separationNegative conversion
Negative cutterNegative cutting
Negative developerNegative development
Negative dryingNegative drying cabinet
Negative drying hangerNegative electrode
Negative engravingNegative enhancement
Negative glassNegative grouping machine
Negative imageNegative layer
Negative materialNegative method
Negative microficheNegative mold
Negative optionNegative paper
Negative pictureNegative plate
Negative processNegative proof
Negative rackNegative recording
Negative retouchingNegative screen
Negative silver masterNegative transparency
Negative varnishNegative wedge
Negative [reverse] videoNegative(-working) photoresist
Negative-positive corner guideNegative-reading
Negative-readingNegative-working coating
Negatively charged latent imageNeoprene
NestedNested subroutine
NetNet price
Net rate per copyNet revenue
Net structureNet weight
NetworkNetwork address
Network ComputingNetwork database
Network interface boardNetwork management
Network printerNetwork user address
NeutralNeutral absorber
Neutral densityNeutral density filter
Neutral gray balanceNeutral pH paper
Neutral toneNeutral wedge
Neutral zoneNew book
New lineNew paragraph
New webNew-line character
NewsNews agency
News bulletinNews chase
News departmentNews house
News installationsNews page
News printing inkNews pulp
News releaseNews room
News sheetNews shot амер. проф.
News snooper амер.News(paper) press
News(paper) rotaryNews(print) paper
News-magazine printingNews-pager фирм.
Newspaper (editorial) officeNewspaper bound volume
Newspaper bundlerNewspaper catalog(ue)
Newspaper colorNewspaper colour
Newspaper conveyorNewspaper cover section
Newspaper dispatchNewspaper dispatch room
Newspaper dispatch technologyNewspaper field
Newspaper flexographic pressNewspaper folder
Newspaper foldingNewspaper font
Newspaper front-end systemNewspaper inking system
Newspaper insertNewspaper inserting equipment
Newspaper jacketNewspaper letterpress [newspaper relief] printing
Newspaper mailroom systemNewspaper manager
Newspaper page composition systemNewspaper page(s) facsimile transmission
Newspaper page(s) transmissionNewspaper page(s) transmission via satellite
Newspaper page(s) transmission via telephone linesNewspaper pages facsimile receiver
Newspaper paste-upNewspaper picture desk
Newspaper press conversion systemNewspaper press keyless inking system
Newspaper press reconfigurationNewspaper press safety device
Newspaper pressroomNewspaper printing
Newspaper printing industryNewspaper production
Newspaper screenNewspaper seller
Newspaper stackerNewspaper stuffer
Newspaper stuffing machineNewspaper supplement
Newspaper wrapNewspaper wrapping machine
Newsplan фирм.Newsplate
Newsprint calenderingNewsprint machine
Newsprint rollNewsprint technology
Newsprint wasteNewsroom
Newsstand sale(s)sNewstone
NewsyNewton's ring
Newtonian viscosityNicanee
Nickel platingNickel plating bath
NipNip and tuck folder
Nip areaNip phenomena
Nip pressureNip pressure uniformity
Nip rollNip roller
Nip treadsNip width
Nip(ping) rollersNip-spreading
NipperNipper gluer
NippingNipping machine
Nipping rollNipping section
Nipping unitNipple
Nitex фирм.Nitrate
Nitrate celluloseNitric (acid) etching
Nitric acidNitro-lacquer
NitrocelluloseNitrocellulose dope
NitrogenNitrogen absorption technique
Nitrogen gas imageNitrogen-burst process
Nitrogen-burst processingNixie mail
No book or no cover missing detectorNo Carbon Required Paper (NCR)
No flashNo gloss
No-camera conversionNo-counter sorter-stacker
No-label-lookNo-lap signature
No-pressure resinNo-screen exposure
No-sheet detectorNo-sheet feeding
NoiseNoise control equipment
Noise suppressionNoiseless paper
NomenclaturesNominal signature size
Nominal valueNomogram, nomograph
Non-heatset webNon-image
Non-image areaNon-Impact-Printing (NIP)
Non-Newtonian viscosityNon-printing segment
Non-skid coatingNonabsorbent [nonbibulous] paper
Nonacid fixing bathNonactinic
Nonactinic lightNonactinic lighting
Nonadsorbent print carrierNonblinding lacquer
Nonbook sale(s)sNonbooks
Noncarbon inkNoncirculating book
Noncollect copiesNoncollect type folder
Noncollected productNoncommercial publication
Noncompetition clauseNoncompressible blanket
Noncompressible elastic materialNonconducting layer
Nonconsecutive paginationNoncontact electrostatic printing
Noncounting inputNoncounting input device
Noncounting keyboardNoncounting mode
Noncounting [nonjustifying] perforatorNoncurl adhesive
Noncurling layerNoncurling paper
Nondestructive readingNondestructive test
Nondrying oilNoneducational sale(s)s
Nonelectrostatic duplicationNonerasable memory
Nonferrous metalNonfiction
Nonfiction bookNonfiction catalog(ue)
Nonfiction novelNonfiction series
Nonfluid inkNonglare screen
Nonimage areaNonimage metal
Nonimage pilingNonimage [nonwork] portions
NonimpactNonimpact ink jet printer
Nonimpact numbering unitNonimpact printer
Nonimpact printingNonimpact printing system
Noninflammable solventNonjustified line
NonjustifyingNonjustifying keyboard
NonmixerNonoverlap splice
NonpareilNonperiodical hardcover volume
Nonperiodical softbound volumeNonplanar electrophotographic plate
Nonpress proofing systemNonprint code
Nonprinting characterNonprinting position
Nonprinting [no-work] areaNonreceptive
Nonreinforcing fillerNonrelief type
NonreproducibleNonreproducible copy
Nonreproducing pencilNonreturnable амер.
Nonscratch inkNonsilver
Nonsilver filmNonsilver microfilm technology
Nonsilver photographyNonskinning ink
Nonsolid colourNonsolvent
Nonsort modeNonstick
NonstopNonstop delivery
Nonstop feedNonstop feeder
Nonstop pile deliveryNonsubscription sale(s)
Nontext itemsNonuniform absorption of ink
Nonuniform printsNonunit cut font
Nonvibrating cylinderNonvolatile
Nonvolatile solventNonwoven
Nonwoven fabricNoodles
NormalNormal edition
Normal keyNormal letterspacing
Normal negativeNormal position
Normal scriptNormal sheet size
Normal sizeNormal swell
Normal transfer sizeNormal web edge position
Normal wedgeNormal wedge locking pin
Normal wipeNormal word-spacing
Normal-type pigment paperNorth-South labels
NoseNot surface paper
Notch binderNotch binding
Notched tapeNotching
NoteNote of exclamation
Note of interrogationNote pad machine
Note paperNote printing
Notice boardNovel
NoveletteNovelty book
NozzleNozzle holder
NumberNumber of copies
Number print selectorNumbered copy
NumberingNumbering apparatus
Numbering boxNumbering cylinder
Numbering deviceNumbering equipment
Numbering hammerNumbering machine
Numbering machine inkNumbering press
Numbering stampNumbering unit
Numbering wheelNumbering-and-imprinting unit
Numbering-and-perforating machineNumeral
Numerical dataNumerical display
Numerical letterNumerical management
Numerical symbolsNumerical value
Numerically Controlled (NC)Numerically controlled folder-gluer
Nut quadNylon fiber
Nylon gasketNylon screen
Nylon wraparound letterpress printing plateNyloprint letterpress plate фирм.
Nyloprint фирм.