Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)Object plane
Object-oriented graphicsObject-oriented image
Objectionable booksObjective
Objective adjustmentObjective cap
Objective field of viewObjective holder
Objective lensObjective opening
Objective shutterOblique
Oblique lightOblique type
Oblong double small foolscapOblong folding
Oblong foolscapOblong page
Obsolete bookOccasional publication
OCR page readerOCR scanner
OctavoOctuple press
Ocular focusingOdd folio
Odd manOdd page
Odd volumeOdd-ruled screen
Odd-sized bookOddments
Odorless inkOEM
Of low intensityOff center
Off colorOff-color
Off-contact distanceOff-cut
Off-lineOff-line equipment
Off-line inputOff-line keyboard
Off-line modeOff-line processing
Off-line processorOff-line text and illustration processing
Off-line unitOff-line [off-press] makeready
Off-press color proofingOff-press proofing
Off-press systemOff-print
Off-registerOff-register printing
OfficeOffice automation
Office collatorOffice copier
Office copyOffice copying
Office duplicatorOffice for advertisements
Office photocopierOffice printing machine
Office reprographicsOfficial catalog(ue)
Official publicationOffline
Offline data transmissionOffprint
OffsetOffset (litho)plate making
Offset (lithographic) masterOffset (printing) plate
Offset blanketOffset blanket face
Offset colorOffset colour
Offset copyingOffset cylinder
Offset damper roller washing machineOffset deep printing
Offset doublingOffset duplicating
Offset duplicating machineOffset duplicator
Offset duplicator pressOffset film
Offset flat-bed machineOffset gravure press
Offset impressionOffset industry
Offset inkOffset ink dryer
Offset ink pigmentOffset ink roller
Offset ink vehicleOffset inker
Offset lithoOffset lithography
Offset machineOffset negative
Offset nipOffset oil
Offset paperOffset paper plate
Offset perfectorOffset plate
Offset plate activatingOffset plate corrector
Offset plate de-coatingOffset plate exposure
Offset plate interlayerOffset plate stripping
Offset platemakerOffset press
Offset press for officesOffset press numbering assembly
Offset press proofingOffset preventing equipment
Offset printerOffset printery
Offset printingOffset printing machine
Offset printing shopOffset process
Offset proof(ing) pressOffset register
Offset reliefOffset reproduction
Offset rotaryOffset score
Offset sprayOffset stacking
Offset stream pressOffset-litho multimetal plate
Offset-litho plateOffset-photolithography
Oil absorptionOil absorption power
Oil and rubber based inkOil boiling
Oil bound water paintOil color
Oil coolerOil paint
Oil paintingOil printing
Oil pumpOil resistance
Oil varnishOil-based ink
Oil-binding propertyOil-pigment process
Oil-wet pigmentOilcloth
Oiled tympanOiling
Oiling of paperOilskin
OilyOK [o'kay] sheet
Old and used bookOld book store
Old EnglishOld English letter
Old English typeOld reel
Old webOld-face italic type
Old-face typeOld-style type
OleateOleic acid
Oleoresinous vehicleOmission
Omitted wordOmnibook
OmnibusOmnibus edition
Omnibus reviewOmnibus volume
Omnifont optical character readerOmnifont reader
On and off stitchingOn request
On the squareOn-call news
On-demand printingOn-demand printing, on-demand publishing
On-lineOn-line equipment
On-line inputOn-line keyboard
On-line processingOn-line processor
On-line programmingOn-line unit
On-press densitometerOn-press system
On-the-flyOn-the-fly printer
On-the-fly registry adjustmentOndulated cardboard
One coatOne-bite etching
One-color pressOne-column headline
One-half-clothOne-letter matrix
One-lineOne-line headline
One-over-one printingOne-pass technique
One-piece casemakerOne-point face rule
One-price policyOne-roll press
One-roller dampingOne-set resin
One-shotOne-shot binding
One-shot bookOne-shot hotmelt
One-side printOne-side printer
One-side printingOne-sided original
One-solution processingOne-stage resin
One-stop exposureOne-to-one copier
One-up bookOne-up feeding
One-volume bookOneshot
OnlineOnline data transmission
Online databaseOnyx фирм.
Opacity measurementOpacity of paper
Opal filmOpal lamp
OpaqueOpaque area
Opaque coatingOpaque colour
Opaque copyOpaque material
Opaque originalOpaque paint
Opaque plasticOpaque white
Opaquing tableOpen
Open arcOpen area
Open displayOpen end can
Open end envelopeOpen end of web
Open entryOpen gas flame dryer
Open matterOpen negative
Open Prepress Interface (OPI)Open space
Open stackOpen texture
Open three sides signatureOpen wire element dryer
Open-back binderOpen-faced copyboard
Open-faced vacuum frameOpen-flat
Open-letter proofOpenability
Opened edgeOpener
Opener drumOpener section
OpeningOpening chapter
Opening maskOpening page
Operating buttonsOperating control
Operating deviceOperating environment
Operating keyOperating lever
Operating lever mechanismOperating manual
Operating modeOperating principle
Operating speedOperating status
Operating systemOperating temperature
Operating tensionOperating time
Operating voltageOperation
Operation and maintenance phaseOperation panel
Operation procedureOperation registry
Operation sequenceOperational testing
OperatorOperator control chart
Operator control levelOperator error
Operator's sideOPI
OpisthographOpposite hand view
Optical cableOptical center
Optical character readerOptical character recognition
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)Optical character recognition equipment
Optical character recognition readerOptical character recognition scanner
Optical copierOptical copy
Optical copyingOptical cutting line indicator
Optical densityOptical digital disk
Optical diskOptical distortion
Optical distortion equipmentOptical dot area
Optical effective surface coverageOptical fibre
Optical glassOptical image
Optical image illuminance rangeOptical mark reader
Optical patternOptical printing
Optical reader systemOptical reading apparatus
Optical reading deviceOptical record
Optical reformattingOptical reproportion
Optical reversalOptical scanner
Optical scanner inputOptical scanning system
Optical splitterOptical train
Optical viewfinderOptimized code
OptimizerOptimum exposure time
Optimum illuminanceOption
Optional deviceOptional equipment
Optional hyphenOptional parameter
Opto-mechanical phototypesetterOptophon
Opty-Copy фирм.Opuscule
OrangeOrange backing
Orange chromeOrange peel
OrderOrder card
Order divisionOrder file
Order listOrder of magnitude
Order pickerOrder placement
Order slipOrdinary page
Ordinary typeOrdinate axis
Organic compoundOrganic developer
Organic pigmentOrganic solvent
Organic-based imaging systemOrgano-metallic photoconductor
OrientationOriented film
Original (document) feeding drumOriginal art work
Original boardOriginal character size
Original cloth bindingOriginal copy
Original densityOriginal document
Original drawingOriginal edition
Original engravingOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Original fileOriginal image length
Original inputOriginal negative
Original newspaper copyOriginal outlet
Original paperbackOriginal picture
Original plateOriginal platemaking
Original publisherOriginal series
Original sheetOriginal source
Original tableOriginal tape
Original textOriginal trace
Original tracingOriginal transparency
Original workOriginal wrapper
OriginationOrnamental printing
Ornamental ruleOrnamentation
Ornamented backOrnamented typeface
OrphanOrtho A film фирм.
Ortho D film фирм.Ortho film
Ortho M film фирм.Ortho S film фирм.
OrthochromaticOrthochromatic emulsion
Orthochromatic filmOrthochromatic reproduction
Oscillating flyer deliveryOscillating infeed gripper mechanism
Oscillating plate holderOscillating-knives fly-cutter
Oscillatory shearOunce strength
OutOut of color
Out of focusOut of gear
Out of squareOut of square sheet
Out of stockOut parameter
Out-line processorOut-of-boards
Out-of-focus imageOut-of-register
Out-of-registerOut-of-square sheet control device
Out-of-square signatureOutdoor advertising
Outdoor exposureOutdoor storage
Outer endpaperOuter form
Outer marginOuter [outside] layer
Outer [outside] sectionOutfeed web pacing station
Outlet fittingOutlet tube
OutlineOutline coded typeface
Outline effectOutline face
Outline fontOutline initial
Outline letterOutline pen drawing
Outline plateOutline type
Outlined halftoneOutlining
OutputOutput channel
Output dataOutput device
Output drumOutput format
Output hardcopyOutput laser recorder
Output lineOutput parameter
Output photo unitOutput phototypesetter
Output resolutionOutput tape
Output textOutput tray
Outright feeOutsert
OutsetOutside folded flap
Outside formOutside page
Outside sortsOutside tip
Outside-margin gutterOutsides
Outsize [over-sized] bookOvaling
OvenOven dryer
Over correctionOver impression print
Over matterOver pressure
Over-absorption of inkOver-speed roller
Overall contrastOverall density
Overall depthOverall dimensions
Overall direct mail response rateOverall production
Overall qualityOverall renewal rate
Overcast stitchingOvercasting
Overchute feedOverchute feed mechanism
OverdevelopmentOverdue number
Overdue orderOveretch
Overetched plateOverexposed
Overexposed copyOverexposure
OverfeedOverfeed sheet
Overhang coverOverhead camera
Overhead lightOverheads
Overlap compositionOverlap splice
Overlap-forms making machineOverlapping flying splice
Overlapping splicing methodOverlay
Overlay knifeOverlay mask
Overlay or superimposure prepress color proofingOverlay proof
Overload protectorOvermoisturization
OverprintOverprint varnish
Overprint [paper] varnishOverprinting
OverpunchingOverresolved character
Overrun [photoflood] lampOvers
Overseas subscriptionOverset
Overset indicatorOversewing
Oversewing machineOversheets
OvershuteOvershute sheet stack
OversizeOversize art
Oversize originalOverstrike
OverturnOverweb feed
Ownership markOxford dash
OxidationOxidation inhibitor
Oxidation [oxidative] dryingOxidation-reduction potential
Oxide filmOxide layer
OxidizeOxidized developer
Oxy-Dry фирм.Ozalid print фирм.
Ozalid proofOzalid фирм.
Ozalith фирм.Ozasol фирм.