Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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Pack holderPack of lenses
PackagePackage advertising
Package openingPackage strapping
Package tying machinePackage [packaging] printing
PackagingPackaging bobbin
Packaging densityPackaging film
Packaging film gagesPackaging industry
Packaging materialPackaging printing
Packaging printing and convertingPackaging product
Packaging tablePackaging work
Packaging [packing] equipmentPackaging [packing] machine
Packer boxPacking
Packing boardPacking carton
Packing clampPacking cord
Packing gagePacking list
Packing materialPacking periphery
Packing ringPacking room
Packing sheetPacking thickness
Packing unitPackless matrix
PadPad bar
Pad printingPad transfer
Pad-transfer pressPad-transfer printer
PaddedPadded bag
Padded coverPadded envelope
Padded workPadding
Padding pressPaddle
Paddle wheelPaddle-type etching machine for photoengravers
Page addressPage assembly
Page assembly [pagination] workstationPage batch composition
Page bit mapPage break
Page by pagePage composition
Page composition systemPage content(s)
Page cordPage count
Page description languagePage display screen
Page dummyPage element
Page footerPage format
Page framePage gage
Page headerPage Image processor фирм.
Page impositionPage ink cutoff blade
Page insertPage interactive composition
Page layoutPage layout parameters
Page makeupPage makeup device
Page makeup terminalPage makeup [pagination] system
Page numberPage numbering
Page numbering updatePage orientation
Page Planner фирм.Page planning
Page platePage pool
Page printerPage printing
Page proofPage reference
Page ribbonPage scanner
Page setterPage setting
Page setupPage size
Page view terminalPage window
Page-makeup cameraPage-referenced index
Page-size platePage-size signature
Pagefax фирм.Pagepull strength
Pagepull strength testerPagesetter
Pagination by articlesPagination software
PagingPaging camera
Paging machinePaint
Paint basePaint based on boiled oil
Paint binderPaint coating
Paint color turnPaint dryer
Paint filmPaint for wet conditions
Paint formulationPaint grinder
Paint millPaint oil
Paint primerPaint roller
Paint rub testPaint scraper
Paint separationPaint thinner
Paint vehiclePaint, varnish and lacquer manufacturing plant
Paint-coatedPaint-spraying finishing
Paint-spraying pistolPaintbrush program
PaintedPainted plastic
PaintingPainting color
Paintings reproducingPair
Pair of casesPakonolith фирм.
Pakorol Super фирм.Pakoton фирм.
PalaeotypePalantype фирм.
Pale colorPalette
Palette knifePallet
Pallet securing systemPallet wrapper
PalletizePalletized load
Palletizing machinePamphlet
Pamphlet and trade bindingPamphlet volume
PanPan Litho film фирм.
Pan Masking film фирм.Pan roller
Pan screwPan(chromatic) film
PanchromaticPanchromatic emulsion
Panchromatic platePanchromatic stock
Pancratic lensPanel
PaneledPaneled cylinder
Panorama [panoramic] cameraPanoramic catalog(ue)
Pantone Matching System (PMS)Pantone фирм.
PaperPaper (board) abrasiveness, abrasion of paper
Paper (board) in the flatPaper (paperboard) dusting
Paper (paperboard) electrificationPaper (paperboard) marking
Paper (paperboard) two-sidenessPaper (stock) roll
Paper absorberPaper actuated switch
Paper advancePaper and board converting
Paper backPaper backing
Paper bagPaper baler
Paper balingPaper bin
Paper bindingPaper blistering
Paper bluePaper board
Paper board and cloth back bindingPaper book
Paper breakPaper calender
Paper calenderingPaper carriage
Paper cartridgePaper cassette
Paper castPaper clamping
Paper clamping mechanismPaper coating
Paper cocklingPaper coloration
Paper compactorPaper conditioner
Paper conditioningPaper cone machine
Paper controllerPaper converting
Paper converting equipmentPaper converting industry
Paper converting plantPaper copy
Paper corePaper corner-cutting machine
Paper coverPaper cross direction
Paper cushionPaper cutter
Paper cutter mechanismPaper cylinder
Paper dampenerPaper dampening unit
Paper dispenserPaper distortion
Paper drawerPaper drill
Paper drillingPaper dust
Paper dust eliminatorPaper elasticity
Paper elevatorPaper exit support
Paper expansimeterPaper feed
Paper feed driverPaper feed pawl
Paper feed pawl ringPaper feed section
Paper feed [paper supply] mechanismPaper feeder
Paper feeding suction tubePaper feeler
Paper finishPaper finishing
Paper flowPaper folder
Paper for copyingPaper for covers
Paper for making-readyPaper formation
Paper gasketPaper gloss
Paper gradePaper grain
Paper grain directionPaper grammage
Paper gripPaper grippers
Paper guidePaper guide roller
Paper guiding cylinderPaper hag
Paper handlingPaper hangers
Paper height sensorPaper height [pile height] regulator
Paper holding rollerPaper horse
Paper hysteresisPaper impression cylinder
Paper industryPaper insert
Paper insertionPaper inspection
Paper jamPaper jogging unit
Paper knifePaper laminate
Paper layerPaper lining
Paper lipPaper lithographic plate
Paper loadingPaper loading device
Paper lookthroughPaper loss
Paper machine drying apparatusPaper making industry
Paper mandrel apparentPaper manufacturing
Paper masterPaper merchant
Paper millPaper moisture tester
Paper montagePaper motion
Paper negativePaper output
Paper packPaper pack holder
Paper packingPaper plate
Paper plate making machinePaper processing
Paper processing industryPaper production
Paper pulpPaper pulp suspension
Paper qualityPaper recycling
Paper reelPaper reel changing
Paper reel chuckingPaper reel clamp lifting attachment
Paper reel corePaper reel stock room
Paper refillingPaper replenishing
Paper ribbonPaper ribbon winding spool
Paper rollPaper roll clamp
Paper roll codingPaper roll coding device
Paper roll converterPaper roll core
Paper roll hoistPaper roll holder
Paper roll supportPaper roll width
Paper roll-stripperPaper roller
Paper roughnessPaper serviette machine
Paper sheet gagePaper sheet jogger
Paper sheet separatorPaper shortage
Paper shredderPaper shrinkage
Paper sizePaper skin
Paper slapPaper sleeve
Paper slewPaper speed
Paper spoolPaper squeeze roller
Paper stencilPaper stereotype process
Paper stereotypingPaper stiffness
Paper stockPaper storage cabinet
Paper strain measuringPaper strain measuring system
Paper stretchPaper stuff
Paper submerging trayPaper supplement
Paper suppliesPaper supply roll
Paper supporting rollerPaper surface structure
Paper surface valuePaper sword hygroscope
Paper tapePaper tape input
Paper tape punchPaper tape punching
Paper tape readerPaper tape sender
Paper tape storagePaper tape supply
Paper tension devicePaper thickness
Paper throwPaper tower
Paper transport systemPaper transporter
Paper travelPaper tray
Paper trimmerPaper trimmer apparatus
Paper trimmingsPaper twine
Paper wastage, paper wastePaper waste
Paper waste costPaper waste handling and recovery system
Paper webPaper web dampener
Paper web damping equipmentPaper web reconditioner
Paper web supply meansPaper weight
Paper wet strengthPaper wiper
Paper wrapperPaper-advance mechanism
Paper-backedPaper-backed binding
Paper-backed clothPaper-baling machine
Paper-base laminatePaper-bound
Paper-bound, paper-coveredPaper-boxmaking machine
Paper-castingPaper-coating machine
Paper-conditioning machinePaper-converting machine
Paper-converting machineryPaper-cutter, paper-cutting machine
Paper-cutting machinePaper-drilling machine
Paper-feed rollPaper-feeder
Paper-feeding machinePaper-folder
Paper-folding machinePaper-hanging
Paper-ink relationPaper-inverting machine
Paper-knifePaper-machine calender
Paper-machine operatorPaper-making
Paper-making machinePaper-moving device
Paper-rushPaper-seasoning machine
Paper-stainerPaper-to-paper adhesive
Paper-trimming machinePaper-wrapped book, paperback book
PaperbackPaperback book jobbers
Paperback boomPaperback edition
Paperback originalPaperback picture book series
Paperback sale(s)sPaperback wholesaler
Paperback [paperbound, paper-covered] bookPaperboard
Paperboard packagingPapering
Paperless officePapermaking
Papermaking machinePaperweight
PaperyPapier machй
PapyrusPapyrus roll
Par проф.Para-aminophenol hydrochloride
ParaffinParaffin oil
Paraffin wax sizingParaffin-coated paper strip
Paraffining machineParagraph
Paragraph deleteParagraph indention
Paragraph styleParagraph-break
ParallelParallel cutter
Parallel dashParallel edition
Parallel foldParallel fold mechanism
Parallel foldingParallel folding attachment
Parallel impressionParallel impression platen
Parallel interfaceParallel light
Parallel markParallel pagination
Parallel ruleParallel section
Parallel titleParallel translation
Parallel workParameter
ParaphotographyParasitic image
Parceling machineParcelling
ParchmentParchment covering
Parchment imitationParchment roll
Parchment volumePare
Parent paper rollParent reel
Parent sheetParentheses
Paring knifeParity
Parity checkParity check during punching in paper tape
Parity check of informationParity fault
PartPart issue амер.
Part numberPart signature
Part titlePartial bibliography
Partial dryingPartial exposure
PartibindingParticilate developer
ParticleParticle development
Particle level indicatorParticle migration microfilm
Particle sizeParticle size distribution
Particulate developerParticulate image
Parting layerPartition
Partition assemblingParts of sheet
Parts of typePartwork publishing
Passim лат.Passing
PastePaste applying unit
Paste board, pasted boardPaste color
Paste dryerPaste failure
Paste inkPaste ink letter press
Paste pigmentPaste royal
Paste-board work paperPaste-in
Paste-in slipPaste-up
Paste-up and strippingPaste-up copy
Paste-up equipmentPaste-up table
PasteboardPasteboard cover
PastedPasted board
Pasted brochuresPastedown
PastelPastel correction
PasterPaster arms
Paster pilotPaster tab
PastingPasting cycle
Pasting cylinderPasting mechanism
Pasting royalPasting-down
Patch filmPatching
Patching the blanketPatchwork
Patent basePatent block
Patent bulletinPatent specification
PathPath roller
Patramold processPattern
Pattern cylinderPattern gluer
Pattern lengthPattern matching
Pattern platePattern recognition
Pattern(ed) defectPatterned coating
Patterned textPawl
Pawo Xenotron фирм.Paying-out
PayloadPDF (Portable Document Format)
Peak firing temperaturePeak irradiance
Peak of the grainPeak response
Peak-peak tensionPeaking
PearlPearl mill
Pearl whitePearlescence
Pearlescent filmPearlescent ink
PearlingPebble board
PebblingPebbly print
Pecked linePeculiars
PedalPedal for clamp pressure
Peel timePeel-apart plate
Peelable masking filmPeelable material
Peeled [peel-off] filmPeeling
Peeling devicePeeper
PelPel matrix
Pen rulingPen-and-ink art
Pen-and-ink keyPen-and-ink test
Pen-ruling machinePencil
Pencil carbonPencil drawing
Pencil hardness testPencil of light
Pencil retouchingPencil-drawn
Pendulum rollerPenetrability
Penetration timePenetration volumeter
PenetrometerPenny dreadful проф.
Penny sheet амер. проф.Penscript
Pentacolor фирм.Pentaglot
Penultimate chapterPenumbra
Penumbral shadow theoryPer cent mark
PercentPercent dot area
Percent testPercent uptime
PercentagePercentage dot
Percentage dot sizePercentage focusing system
Percentage saturationPerception
PerchaPerfect binder
Perfect bindingPerfect binding line
Perfect binding machinePerfect register
Perfected sheetPerfecting
Perfecting cylinderPerfecting duplicator
Perfecting machinePerfecting press
Perfecting the sheetPerfecting tower
Perfecting unitPerfecting web-offset press
Perfecting-web rotaryPerfection delivery
PerfectorPerfector press
Perfector sheet-fed offset pressPerfobinding
Perforated flapPerforated label
Perforated scorePerforated spool
Perforated suction platePerforated tapes merging
Perforated [perforator] tapePerforating
Perforating bladePerforating blade lock
Perforating headPerforating keyboard
Perforating knifePerforating machine
Perforating mechanismPerforating process
Perforating rulePerforating wheel
PerforationPerforation strength tester
Perforation suction headPerforator
PerformancePerformance characteristics
Performance requirementsPerformance specification
Performance testPerfumed printing
PergamynPerilla oil
PeriodPeriod bibliography
PeriodicalPeriodical bibliography
Periodical double spread recorderPeriodical mailroom system
Periodical pressPeriodical publication
Permanent adhesivePermanent chain lead
Permanent deformationPermanent dressing
Permanent magnetPermanent open-flat binding
Permanent packingPermanent tape lead
PermeabilityPermeability of paper
Perpetual inventoryPersian orange
Persistent conductivity imagePersistent internal polarization photography
PersonalPersonal catalog(ue)
Personal copyPersonal protective equipment
Personal viewdataPersonalia лат.
Personalized booksPersonalized form letter
PerusalPetal printer
Petroleum blackPH indicator
PH valuePhantom
Phantom ghostingPharos
Phase layerPhenidone
Phenol-formaldehyde resinPhenolic resin
PhenomenaPhilological literature
PhloxinePhone book
Phonetic symbolPhosphorescence
Phosphoric acidPhot
PhotoPhoto carrier
Photo CDPhoto chamois
Photo copyPhoto duplicate
Photo engravers' gas burning-in stovePhoto enlargement
Photo labPhoto lofting
Photo maskingPhoto resist
Photo stencil filmPhoto stencil system
Photo(graphic) unitPhoto-cell
Photo-engraver's metalPhoto-litho-offset method
Photo-offsetPhoto-offset lithography
Photo-offset methodPhoto-offset plate
Photo-offset printingPhoto-optical keyboard
Photoactinic fluxPhotoactivate
PhotoactivePhotoactive pigment electrophotography
PhotoalgraphyPhotoarc process
PhotocellPhotocell sensing station
Photochemical processPhotochemigraphy
Photocolographic processPhotocolorimeter
PhotocomposerPhotocomposer, photocomposing machine
PhotocomposingPhotocomposing machine
PhotocompositionPhotocomposition system
Photocomposition system downtimePhotocomposition technology
Photocomposition typographyPhotocomposition [phototypesetting] typeface
Photoconductive beltPhotoconductive cell
Photoconductive corona chargerPhotoconductive donor layer
Photoconductive layerPhotoconductive material
Photoconductive powderPhotoconductive recording material
Photoconductive sheetPhotoconductive substrate
Photoconductive surfacePhotoconductive thermography
PhotoconductorPhotoconductor drum
Photocontact paper negativePhotocontrolled ion flow electrophotography
PhotocopierPhotocopier light box
PhotocopyPhotocopy operator
PhotocopyingPhotocopying machine
Photocopying unitPhotocrosslinking
PhotocurablePhotocurable composition
PhotocurePhotocured area
PhotocuringPhotocuring technique
PhotodegradationPhotodetection device
PhotodiodePhotodiode array
Photodirect platePhotodischarge
Photoelectret imagePhotoelectric
Photoelectric cellPhotoelectric colorimeter
Photoelectric colorimetryPhotoelectric densitometer
Photoelectric exposure-meterPhotoelectric reader
Photoelectric reading devicePhotoelectric registration
Photoelectric sensorPhotoelectric spectroscopy
Photoelectrolytic imaging systemPhotoelectrophorctic camera
Photoelectrophoretic apparatusPhotoelectrophoretic image
Photoelectrophoretic imagingPhotoelectrophoretic imaging apparatus
Photoelectrophoretic imaging processPhotoelectrophoretic imaging system
Photoelectrophoretic suspensionPhotoelectrophoretic web machine
Photoengraved relief printing platePhotoengraver
PhotoengravingPhotoengraving color
Photoengraving processPhotoetch
Photoflash lampPhotoflood
PhotogelatinPhotogelatin process
Photograph [picture] planePhotographer
PhotographicPhotographic (type) composition
Photographic apparatusPhotographic bromide print
Photographic composing devicePhotographic composing machine
Photographic copyPhotographic density
Photographic diazotype layerPhotographic equipment
Photographic etchingPhotographic exposure
Photographic filmPhotographic formula
Photographic glassPhotographic image
Photographic image density rangePhotographic industry
Photographic inertiaPhotographic intensity
Photographic latitudePhotographic layer
Photographic lensPhotographic mask
Photographic maskingPhotographic master
Photographic materialPhotographic offset printing
Photographic originalPhotographic original printing
Photographic paperPhotographic photocopy
Photographic photocopyingPhotographic plate
Photographic printPhotographic print marker
Photographic printerPhotographic printing
Photographic printing framePhotographic printing machine
Photographic propertiesPhotographic record
Photographic registrationPhotographic reproduction
Photographic sensitometryPhotographic shutter
Photographic sketchPhotographic speed
Photographic spoolPhotographic transfer
Photographic tray rockerPhotographic type composing apparatus
Photographic typesetterPhotographist
Photogravure copy screenPhotogravure cylinder
Photogravure doctor blade grinding machinePhotogravure plant
Photogravure printingPhotogravure process
Photogravure proofPhotogravure proofing machine
Photogravure screenPrinting belt
Printing form productionPrinting format
Printing framePrinting frame glass
Printing hammerPrinting head
Printing head assemblyPrinting head feeding mechanism
Printing head mountPrinting height
Printing historyPrinting house
Printing image lengthPrinting impression
Printing indiciumPrinting industry
Printing industry брит.Printing information
Printing inkPrinting ink drying
Printing ink industryPrinting ink machinery
Printing ink manualPrinting ink pump
Printing ink reservoirPrinting job
Printing lampPrinting lighting
Printing linePrinting load
Printing machinePrinting machine cylinder
Printing machine framePrinting machine production
Printing machineryPrinting magnetic saddle
Printing mandrelPrinting mask
Printing masterPrinting material
Printing metalPrinting method
Printing mistakePrinting module
Printing mountPrinting nip
Printing nip squeezePrinting of saving bonds
Printing officePrinting office уст.
Publisher's backlistPublisher's catalog(ue)
Publisher's discount chartPublisher's dummy
Publisher's imprintPublisher's inventory
Publisher's listPublisher's list price
Publisher's markPublisher's reader
Publisher's receiptPublisher's sales forces
Publisher's sales repPublisher's series
Publisher's [publishing] rightsPublishing
Publishing housePublishing house bibliography
Publishing industryPublishing office
Publishing operationPublishing paper
Publishing programPublishing stock
Publishing systemPublishing trade
Publishing venturePublishing world
Puff inkPull
Pull rollPull side guide
Pull side lay gagePull unit
Pull-in rollerPull-in tape roller
Pull-in wheelsPull-out wheel
Pulled bookPuller
Pulling rollPulling the proofs
Pullout rollerPulp
Pulp and paper industryPulp mat
Pulp moulding; moulded pulp productsPulp properties
Pulp royalPulp stock
Pulp, pulp stockPulp-sheet
PulpingPulse light
Pulsed xenon lampPulsed(-ink) droplet injecting system
Pulsed-xenon arcPumice stone
Pump bell crankPump cam lever connecting rod
Pump deliveryPump feed
Pump hand tripPump system of ink supply
PumpingPumping zone
PunchPunch (and pin) register
Punch and pin register systemPunch bar
Punch cutterPunch cutting
Punch cylinderPunch head
Punch leverPunch making
Punch pressPunch production
Punch reelPunch shear die
Punch(ed) tapePunch-cutter
Punch-shear headPunched
Punched card catalog(ue)Punched card control unit
Punched copy cardPunched hole
Punched platePuncheon
Punching and spiral binding machinePunching apparatus
Punching platenPunching station
Punching-and-spiraling machinePunctuate
PunctuationPunctuation marks
Purchase on creditPurchase order
Purchase order formPurchasing agent
Purchasing departmentPure carbon black
Pure color correctionPure data
Pure-quality originalPurity
PurplePush button
Push button controlPush button controlled press
Push side guidePush-back (register) device
Push-buttonPush-button operation
PusherPushing roll
Putch metalPutting
Puzzle bookPVA adhesive
PVC printing rollerPVC welding device
Pyroelectric copying processPyroelectric film
Pyroxylin-coated coated