Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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S punchSack
Sack printing machineSaddle
Saddle bindingSaddle clip
Saddle conveyor trackSaddle feeder
Saddle gatheringSaddle gathering machine
Saddle lockSaddle principle
Saddle sewingSaddle stapling
Saddle stitchSaddle stitch machine
Saddle stitched brochureSaddle stitching
Saddle(-wire) stitchingSaddle-stitched
Saddle-stitched bookSaddle-stitched magazine
Saddle-stitched with threadSaddle-stitched with wire
SafeSafe application
Safe configurationSafe distance
Safe edgeSafe light
Safe loadSafe mode
Safe operating areaSafe practice
Safe pressureSafe shutdown
Safe stateSafe stress
Safe to handleSafeguard measure
Safeguarded fileSafelight
Safelight emissionSafelight filter
Safely deviceSafety
Safety adviserSafety aids
Safety applianceSafety area
Safety arrangements and precautionsSafety bar
Safety barrierSafety belt
Safety blockSafety bolt
Safety cableSafety cage
Safety codeSafety cover
Safety deviceSafety enclosure
Safety engineerSafety engineering
Safety filmSafety flap
Safety interlockSafety margin
Safety pressure on clampSafety provisions
Sale(s) and returnSale(s) by auction
Sale(s) by written orderSale(s)s of book overstock
Sale(s)s of children's book clubsSale(s)s of fictional series
Sale(s)s of mass market paperbacksSale(s)s of unbound pages
Saleable bookSales manager
Sales priceSales record form
Sales representativeSalesman
SalespeopleSaline solution
SaltSalt cake
Salt solutionSalvage
SalvagingSame-size reproduction
SampleSample analysis
Sample backSample collection
Sample colour chipSample copy
Sample impressionSample making table
Sample numberSample page
Sample sheetSample title
Sampling periodSampling plan
Sand-blast grainingSand-blasted roller
Sandwich coatingSandwich roll
Sans-serif faceSanserif
Sanserif typeSaponification
Saponification equivalentSaponification number
SatelliteSatellite (printing) unit
Satellite broadcastingSatellite imagery
Satellite networkSatellite printery
Satellite printingSatellite printing plant
Satellite printing pressSatellite transmission
Satellite type rotary pressSatin
Satin finishSatin paper
Satin-finished ground glassSaturate
Saturated colorSaturated layer
Saturated primariesSaturated solution
SaturationSaturation activity
Saturation brightnessSaturation characteristic
Saturation controlSaturation correction
Saturation errorSaturation factor
Saturation levelSaturation resistance
Saturation temperatureSaturation value
Saturation vapor pressureSaturation zone
Saturation-pressure waterSaturnine
Saw trimmerSaw-cut
Saw-like knifeSaw-toothed knife
Sawtooth effectSawtoothing
Saybolt viscosityScalable font
Scalable typefaceScale
Scale adjustmentScale calibration error
Scale carScale change
Scale computationScale difference
Scale distanceScale division
Scale drawingScale effect
Scale errorScale factor method
Scale factoringScale focusing
Scale graduationScale hologram
Scale indicatorScale label
Scale lineScale manufacture
Scale of imageScale of magnification
Scale of reductionScale programmer
Scale rangeScale setting
Scale [scaling] factorScaling
Scaling and angling deviceScan
Scan angleScan cathode-ray tube display
Scan codeScan convenor
Scan degradationScan frequency
Scan generatorScan graphics
Scan incrementScan job
Scan latchScan line
Scan lines per inchScan mechanism
Scan mirrorScan mode
Scan patternScan phasing
Scan plateScan Programmer фирм.
Scan rateScan resolution
Scan rulingScan stroke
Scan techniqueScan velocity
Scan(ning) lineScan-in
Scan-line frequencyScan-off beam
Scan-switch codingScanned area
Scanned artworkScanned copy
Scanned imageScanned point
ScannerScanner drum
Scanner filmScanner foot
ScanningScanning (light) source
Scanning angle distortionScanning aperture
Scanning beamScanning camera
Scanning copierScanning cylinder
Scanning densitometerScanning device
Scanning digitizerScanning drum
Scanning elementScanning frequency
Scanning headScanning image
Scanning light-electricity converterScanning machine
Scanning microscopeScanning mirror
Scanning modeScanning operation
Scanning orderScanning projection lithography
Scanning resolutionScanning slide
Scanning speedScanning spot
Scanning stageScanning stroke
Scanning systemScanning unit
Scanning velocityScanning-line frequency
Scanning-line widthScarce books
ScarfingScarfing machine
Scarified linerScatter
Scatter diagramScatter(ed) light
ScatteredScattered radiation
ScatteringScattering coefficient
Scattering layerScattering power
Scented inkSchedule
Scheduled maintenanceScheduling algorithm
SchemeScheme of folding
Scholarly bookScholiast
School library sale(s)sSchool sale(s)s
School storeSchwabacher type
Schwarzschild exponentScience bibliography
Science editorScience news bulletin
Science-fiction novelScientific and technical literature
Scientific and technical publicationScientific bookshop
Scientific editingScientific information
Scientific literatureScientific notation
Scientific publicationScientific reader
Scientific reviewScissor
Scissor-action cutting deviceScissoring
Scoop амер. проф.Scope mode
Score a wireScore mark
Score ruleScore under
ScoredScored blank
Scored cardScorer
ScoringScoring die
Scoring machineScoring steel rule
ScorotronScorotron charging
Scorp(er)Scotch tape
ScoutScram switch
ScrapScrap chopper
Scrap ductScrap knife
Scrap materialScrap-book
Scraper bladeScraper carriage
Scraper-type ductor bladeScraping blade cleaner
ScrapingsScrapping тара
ScratchScratch area
Scratch paperScratch resistance
Scratch-off printingScratcher
Screamer амер. проф.Screen
Screen angleScreen angling
Screen apertureScreen area
Screen bottomScreen carriage
Screen cellScreen change
Screen clothScreen coating
Screen colorScreen colour
Screen content printScreen copy
Screen densityScreen department
Screen distanceScreen distance indicator
Screen distance ratioScreen dot
Screen editingScreen editor
Screen elementScreen emulsion
Screen exposureScreen fabric
Screen fillingScreen font
Screen formatScreen frame
Screen frame carriageScreen frequency generator
Screen hard copyScreen holder
Screen imageScreen imaging
Screen indicatorScreen ink
Screen lineScreen line number
Screen line plateScreen mesh
Screen mottleScreen negative
Screen patternScreen percentage
Screen photographyScreen photogravure
Screen plate processScreen positive
Screen preparationScreen press
Screen previewScreen print
Screen printable pasteScreen printed circuit
Screen printerScreen printing
Screen printing chaseScreen printing ink
Screen printing plateScreen printing press
Screen printing [screen process] inkScreen process equipment
Screen process printerScreen process printing machine
Screen rangeScreen refresh
Screen resolutionScreen roller
Screen roller for paper converting and coating machinesScreen rotation
Screen rulingScreen scale
Screen separationScreen size
Screen squareScreen stencil
Screen stencil techniqueScreen sweat
Screen tensionScreen tint
Screen toneScreen tone values
Screen unitScreen varnish
Screen washerScreen-displayed codes
Screen-printing systemScreen-process film
Screen-type patternScreenable resist
ScreenedScreened (photo) print
Screened areaScreened character
Screened filmScreened illustration
Screened imageScreened paper print
Screened printing plateScreened tissue
ScreeningScreening color scanner
ScreenlessScreenless lithography
Screw adjustmentScrew and post bind
Screw bearingsScrew press
Screw quoinScribbler
ScribeScribe coat film
Scribe coatingScribed original
Scribed sheetScribed surface
Scribing materialScribing surface
Scribing toolScript
Script bookScript type
Scroll workScrolling
ScrollworkScrub-a-coater фирм.
Scuff resistanceScuffing
SculperSculptured keyboard
Sea chartSeal
Seal coatingSeal off
Seal printingSeal printing and embossing machine
SealerSealer jaws
SealingSealing device
Sealing labelSealing machine
Sealing tapeSeam
SeamlessSeamless can
Seamless engravingSeamless flexo printing
Seamless gravure printingSeamless printing
SearchSearch string
Search wordSearching service
Seasoning machineSeasoning time
SeatSecatron фирм.
Second cylinder foldSecond editing
Second elevatorSecond elevator bar
Second exposureSecond flow
Second foldSecond galley proof
Second markSecond order superior
Second originalSecond printing
Second printing cylinderSecond proof
Second reproduction microfilmSecond serial right
Second sheetSecond-fold knife
Second-fold levelSecond-fold unit
Second-hand bookSecond-hand book trade
Second-hand booksellerSecond-hand bookshop
Second-hand copySecond-order character
Secondary bibliographySecondary colors
Secondary coverSecondary elevating board
Secondary entrySecondary image
Secondary imagingSecondary information
Secondary ink bathSecondary ink pan
Secondary leadingSecondary mask
Secondary matterSecondary textbook
Secret (printing) pressSecretarial [secretary] layout
Secretary shiftSection
Section bundlerSection folding machine
Section folding-and-stitching machineSection gatherer
Section gathering machineSection mark
Sectional copyingSectional cylinder
Sectional cylinder rackSectional printing and die-cutting machine
Sectional titleSectioned ink metering bar
SectorSecure a patent
SecuritiesSecurity collection
Security packaging machineSecurity printing
Security printing machineSedecimo
SeeSee also
See as aboveSee author's entry
SegmentSegment shutter
Segment table entrySegmented blade
Segmented ink fountainSegmented master disk
Segregated dampening systemSeize
Selected ink feedSelected stories
Selected worksSelected [selective] bibliography
SelectionSelection of type style from tape
Selective absorberSelective absorption
Selective color correctionSelective density
Selective formes printerSelective ink transfer roller
Selective printingSelective printing apparatus
Selective printing deviceSelective translation
Selectively charged ink dropSelectivity
SelectorSelector scale
Selectric typewriter фирм.Selenium drum
Selenium-binder photoconductive layerSelf-adhesive
Self-adhesive backingSelf-adhesive label
Self-adhesive materialSelf-aligning quoin
Self-centering holderSelf-checking
Self-clamping guillotineSelf-color
Self-colored materialSelf-contained hoist
Self-contained systemSelf-cover
Self-cover bookletSelf-cover cover
Self-covered bookSelf-developing
Self-developing copierSelf-developing film
Self-focusingSelf-focusing apparatus
Self-focusing cameraSelf-inker
Self-inkingSelf-inking proofing press
Self-inking rollerSelf-mailer
Self-opening envelopeSelf-opening glass flats
Self-operated controlSelf-publishing
Self-registering creasing matrixSelf-scan
Self-teaching kitSell
Selling at parSelling by wholesale
Selling for cashSelling on credit
Semantic errorSemantics
Semi-automatic book sewerSemi-bold
Semi-chemical (medium)Semi-column
Semi-digitalSemi-rigid cover
SemiannualSemiautomatic adhesive binding
Semiautomatic book sewing machineSemiautomatic casing-in machine
Semiautomatic casting machine for curved stereotypesSemiautomatic double facer splicer
Semiautomatic hyphenationSemiautomatic ink pumping
Semiautomatic insertingSemiautomatic label cutting machine
Semiautomatic pasterSemiautomatic press
SemiboldSemibold type
Semibold weightSemicolon
Semicylindrical (plate stereotype) pressSemidry process
Semidrying oilSemimat(te) print
Semimechanical composing machineSemimonthly
Semipopular booksSemiquinone
Semirigid packingSemiweekly
Semiweekly newspaperSensation
Sensational pressSense light
Sensing deviceSensing unit
SensitiveSensitive film
Sensitive materialSensitive tissue
SensitivitySensitivity guide
SensitizedSensitized coating
Sensitized copy sheetSensitized emulsion
Sensitized plateSensitized surface
SensitizerSensitizer bath
Sensitizer coatingSensitizing
Sensitizing agentSensitizing solution
SensitometerSensitometric development
Sensitometric exposureSensitometric sample
Sensitometric stripSensitometry
SensorSensor roller
Sentence-for-sentence translationSentinel
Separate drawingSeparate pagination
Separate tracingSeparated blank
Separated blank collector тараSeparating
Separating characterSeparating finger
Separating mechanismSeparating paper
Separating suckerSeparating tongue
Separating unitSeparation
Separation filterSeparation house
Separation imageSeparation layer
Separation masterSeparation method
Separation negativeSeparation of sheet
Separation rollerSeparation [separator] roller
Separations imagingSeparator
Separator bladeSeparator box
SepiaSepia print
SequenceSequential coding
Sequential controlSequential hammer imprinter
Sequential page printerSequential scanning
SerialSerial by word
Serial catalog(ue)Serial interface
Serial lineSerial number
Serial numberingSerial printer
Serial processingSerial production
Serial publicationSerial record
Serial [series] titleSerial-by-word scan
Series booksSeries editor
Series entrySeries number
Series of typeSerif typeface
SerigraphySerrate blade
Serrated blade and anvil cuttingSerrated cut
Serrated knifeSerrated roller
Served quireServer
ServiceService catalog(ue)
Service contractService costs
Service engineeringService instructions
Service lifeService manual
Service reportServo-motor
Set a bitSet level
Set of colorSet of hachures
Set of inkSet of inks
Set of proofsSet of sheets
Set of transparenciesSet of type
Set row of matrix-caseSet screw
Set solidSet unit
Set unit shiftSet wedge
Set widthSet-in
Set-up operatorSetback
SetoffSetoff impression
Setoff reelSetoff sheet
Setoff webSetter
SettingSetting instructions
Setting mistakeSetting of ink
Setting of pressureSetting rate
Setting ruleSetting stick
Setting tableSetting the stick
Setting timeSetting up
Setting-up apparatusSetting-up cost(s)
SettingsSettings adjustment
SetupSetup box
Setup panelSetup sheet
Setup timeSetup waste
SetwiseSeven-level tape
SeveringSevering mechanism
SewSew together
Sewage waterSewed
Sewed bookSewed signatures
Sewing benchSewing clamps
Sewing cordSewing cotton
Sewing frameSewing head
Sewing machineSewing needle
Sewing pressSewing rack
Sewing techniqueSewn
Sewn on hemp cordsSewn on tapes
Sewn through linenSex book
Sexto лат.Sextodecimo лат.
Sextodecimo-quartoSextuple press
ShadeShade in
ShadedShaded area
Shaded graphicsShaded picture
Shaded printingShaded rule
Shaded typeShadeless
ShaderShades of gray
ShadingShading color
Shading filmShading gradation
Shading machineShading medium
ShadowShadow character
Shadow contrastShadow copy
Shadow depthShadow detail
Shadow detailsShadow dot
Shadow effectShadow exposure
Shadow fillingShadow lettering
Shadow maskShadow photography
Shadow printShadow tones
Shadow typeShaft
Shaftless reel-standShake slip
Shallow grainShallow machine coating
Shallow relief plateShallow-etched areas
Shallow-etched plateShank
ShapeShaped-character printer
ShapingShared (time) file
SharpSharp appearance
Sharp copySharp definition
Sharp edgeSharp focusing
Sharp imageSharp imaging
Sharp impressionSharp mask
Sharp printSharp(-edge) bar
Sharp-cut filterSharpen
Sharpened imageSharpening
Sharpening of doctor bladeSharpness
ShearShear area
Shear bladeShear cut perforator
Shear dieShear plane
Shear rateShear thinning flow
Shear viscosityShear zone
Shear-action knifeShear-out
Shear-thinning inkShear-type slitter
Shearing actionShearing bolt
Shearing cutShearing cutter
Shearing deviceShearing force
Shearing machineShearing method
Shearing positionShearing strength
Sheet advancement deviceSheet airing machine
Sheet and half imperialSheet and half post
Sheet and half small foolscapSheet and third foolscap
Sheet and third small foolscapSheet assembly
Sheet bindingSheet bounce-back bounce
Sheet brakeSheet bridge
Sheet bucklingSheet buckling force
Sheet bypassSheet cal(l)iper
Sheet cal(l)iper mechanismSheet caliper
Sheet chokeSheet clamp
Sheet classifierSheet cleaner
Stop-press newsStop-press newspaper
Stopping mechanismStopwatch
StorageStorage and retrieval
Storage areaStorage bay
Storage capacityStorage drum roller
Storage effectStorage festoon
Storage filmingStorage gum
Storage retrieval machineStorage scan
Storage spaceStore
Store catalog(ue)Stored
Stored cutting programStored data
Stored formatStored information
Story indexStorybook
StorytellerStout (strong) paper
StoveStoving oven
Stoving varnishStraight (collect) run
Straight chain deliveryStraight composition
Straight countingStraight cut
Straight edgeStraight forward setting
Straight knifeStraight knife cutter
Straight lineStraight line delivery
Straight line pinStraight matter
Straight sheet амер.Straight text
Straight-line continuous trimmerSubsequent fold
Subsequent folding levelSubseries
SubsidiariesSubsidiary rights
Substance weightSubstandard copy
Substandard productSubstandard sheet
Substate colorSubstrate
Substrate orientationSubstratum
Subsurface printing processSubtitle
Subtitle pageSubtraction
SubtractiveSubtractive coating
Subtractive colorsSubtractive mixture of colors
Subtractive plateSubtractive process
Subtractive reproduction processSubtractive-processed
Successive carriageSuccessive exposures
Successive volumeSuck
Suck boardSuck-on rod
SuckerSucker apparatus
Sucker assemblySucker planet
Sucker rimSucker [suction] bar
SuctionSuction air
Suction diskSuction drum
Suction feederSuction foot
Suction gageSuction head
Suction hoodSuction lay-down grippers
Suction lifterSuction nipple
Suction nozzleSuction opening
Suction plateSuction pump
Suction tableSuction tube
Suction valveSuction zone
SuffuseSuggested reading
Suitcase paperboardSulfate
Sulfate pulpSulfide
SulfiteSulfite pulp
SulfonateSulfuric acid
SummarySummary chapter
SummerSummer book
SumpSun spot
Sunday editorSunk head
Sunlight exposureSunprinting
SuperSuper (supercalendered) paper
Super cursorSuper ex libris
Super royalSuper(im)posed sheets
Super-Autohorika A/B фирм.Supercalender
Superfine photoresistSuperfont
SuperimposeSuperimposed color unit
Superimposed exposureSuperimposed illuminance
Superimposed layerSuperimposed paper webs
SuperimpositionSuperimposition leading
Superimposition of colorsSuperimposition of two inks
SuperiorSuperior character
Superior figureSuperior letter
Supershift codeSupershift key
Superspeed фирм.Supervisory lamp
SupplementSupplement press
Supplementary (reading) setSupplementary books
Supplementary volumeSupplier
SuppliesSupplies and materials
Supplies and servicesSupply
Supply hopperSupply line
Supply reelSupply roll
Supply stackSupply tray
Supplying boardSupport
Support barSupport for plates
Support leverSupport material
Support programSupport sheet
Support tapeSupport(ing) roller
Supporting bearingSupporting piece
Supporting profileSuppress
Suppressed publicationSuppression
SurfaceSurface characteristic
Surface chargeSurface charge image
Surface coatingSurface coverage
Surface cracking of rollerSurface curvature
Surface densitySurface developer
Surface dryingSurface energy
Surface finishSurface finishing
Surface fogSurface ink
Surface irregularitySurface layer
Surface liftingSurface moisture of ink
Surface patternSurface picking
Surface plateSurface printing
Surface printing methodSurface process
Surface reconstructionSurface ripples
Surface roughnessSurface strain
Surface tensionSurface thermometer
Surface treatmentSurface viscosity
Surface wettabilitySurface-active agent
Surface-active inhibitorSurface-active substance
Surface-reverse printingSurfacing
Surfacing endSurfactant
Surprinting [transfer] prepress color proofingSurround
SusceptibilitySuspended level viscometer
SuspensionSuspension mounting
Suspension-type cameraSwage
Swan-neck machine frameSweat
Sweating-onSwedish oleate
SweepSweet spot
SwellSwell dash
Swelled ruleSwelling
Swelling in the backSwing back delivery
Swing cutSwing dash
Swing [swinging] arm grippersSwing-away feeder
Swinging arm book sewerSwinging arm gathering
Swinging arm gathering systemSwinging head
Swinging pinSwitch
SwitchableSwivel backgage
Swivel graverSwivel head scriber
Swivel penSwiveling roll
Swiveling roll assemblySwollen roller
Sword(-type) hygrometerSyllabicate, syllabize
SyllableSyllable stress
SymbolSymbol display
Symbol elementSymmetric(al) objective
Sympathetic inkSynchro shutter
SynchronizationSynchronization right
Synchronized sheet feedSynchronous copying
Synchronous text transmissionSynchroscope
SyncopeSyndetic catalog(ue)
SynopsisSynoptic review
Syntactical [syntax] errorSyntax
Syntax analysisSyntax check
Syntax errorSyntax-oriented editor
Synthetic dyeSynthetic fabric
Synthetic inkSynthetic letterpress roller
Synthetic mantlingSynthetic paint
Synthetic resinSynthetic resin adhesive
Synthetic rubber rollerSynthetic varnish
Synthetic waxSyntosil
SystemSystem analysis
System designSystem disk
System failureSystem for guiding and supporting the web
System menu iconSystem range
Systematic bibliographySystematical catalog(ue)