Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии
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T-shirt printingT-shirt printing top
T-shirts and textile printerTab
Tab applicatorTab cutter
Tab inserterTab position
Tab size aperture cardTab(loid) slitter
Tab-cutting headsTabbing
Tabbing machineTabby
TableTable algorithm
Table blockTable bracket
Table cellTable column
Table compilingTable display
Table distributionTable entry
Table formTable look-up
Table of content(s) extractionTable of contents
Table of cutterTable of proof-reader's mark
Table of ratesTable of symbols
Table rowTable separator
Table [tabular] workTable-book
Table-top film processorTable-work
Tablet coordinates input deviceTablet of color
TabletopTabletop instrument
Tabloid foldingTabloid press
Tabloid size publicationTabloid-size
Tabloid-size newspaperTabloid-size page
Tabs inserting machineTabular
Tabular compositionTabular data
Tabular displayTabular form
Tabular formatTabular information
Tabular matterTabular presentation
Tabular textTabulate
TabulatedTabulated data
Tabulated formulaTabulated message
Tabulating cardTabulation
Tabulation keyTabulations
Tack coatTack force
Tack force measurementTack inhibitor
Tack meterTack-free
Tack-free timeTackification
TackinessTackiness test
TackyTacky image
TactileTactile keyboard
TagTag and ticket making machine
Tag blankTag eyeletter
Tag pressTag stringer
TailTail (edge) gripper
Tail (piling) guardTail brush
Tail capTail clamp
Tail clamp barTail edge
Tail edge gripper actuatorTail edge gripper device
Tail edge plate clampTail end of sheet
Tail hold-down aidsTail piling bar
Tail piling guideTail-pan
Take-away rollerTake-off apparatus
Take-out rollerTakeoff conveyor
Takers-offTakeup cassette
Takeup reelTakeup roll
Taking-offTaking-off cylinder
Taking-off fingersTaking-off the impression
Taking-off [transfer] drumTaking-on
Taking-upTaking-up roller
Talk showTalking book
Talking-beast storiesTall copy
Tall oilTally
TamperTamper-evident packaging
TamponTampon printing
Tampon printing plateTampon-offset pad printing equipment
Tandem printing machineTandem-type press
Tanning agentTanning developer
Tanning matterTanning time
Tape boundTape comparator
Tape converterTape corrected copy
Tape correctionTape correction terminal
Tape delivery conveyorTape delivery system
Tape deskTape dispenser
Tape driveTape editing
Tape feedTape input
Tape keyTape lead
Tape levelTape medium
Tape mergerTape operated phototypesetter
Tape puncherTape reader
Tape readingTape roll
Tape rollerTape spooler
Tape tableTape tension pulley
Tape transportTape updating
Tape winderTape winding device
Tape-operatedTapeless folder
Tapeless folding machineTaper
Tapes mergingTaping
Taping machineTar
Tare staplerTarget
TasterTea cartridga
Tear strengthTear-apart label
Tear-off rollerTearing
Tearing breaking strengthTech doc printing проф.
Technamation process фирм.Technamation фирм.
Technical bookshopTechnical dictionary
Technical drawingTechnical editing
Technical editorTechnical foil
Technical makeupTechnical manual
Technical photographTechnical writer
Tele-Color CRT ink Key system фирм.Telecommunications network
Telecopier фирм.Telecopying
Telegraphic communicationTelephone directory
Telephone directory pressTelephone link
Telephoto lensTelephotography
TeleprinterTelescopic rod
Telescopic rubber suction nozzleTelescopic sucker
Telescopic tripodTelescopic-type suction
Teletypesetter perforatorTeletypesetting
Telex receiverTelidon фирм.
Tell-tale lampTemper
TemperatureTemperature coefficient of development
Temperature rangeTemperature sensitive paint
Temperature-sensitive [thermal] inkTempering
Tempering zoneTempilstic фирм.
TemplateTemplate casting
Temporary bindingTemporary headline
Temporary packingTen-key
TenaculumTenkey pad
Tensalex фирм.Tensible
TensideTensile breaking strength
Tensile strengthTensiometer
TensionTension bar
Tension deviceTension holdback generator
Tension lock-upTension lock-up plate
Tension rollerTension sensing controller
Tension shaftTension test specimen
Tension(ing) beltTension-control loop
Tension-measuring [tension sensing] rollerTension-type lock-up
TensionerTensionless winding machine
Terminal processorTerminated series
Terminological dictionaryTerms of delivery
Terms of subscriptionTernion
TestTest bed
Test chartTest cutting
Test envelopeTest exposure
Test for printabilityTest form
Test imageTest liner
Test patternTest press
Test printingTest printing plate
Test programTest routine
Test runTest target
TestingTesting and debugging package
Testing deviceTesting instrument
TextText and graphics phototypesetter
Text and graphics workstationText and illustration merging
Text and image combinationText block
Text bufferText capture
Text capturing unitText color break
Text conversion systemText digitizer
Text editingText editing front-end system
Text editorText entry
Text entry systemText entry [text input] terminal
Text fileText fitting
Text functionText input
Text matterText matter depth
Text modeText part
Text phototypesetterText processing
Text processing systemText revision
Text rotationText scanner
Text scrollingText security password
Text security password systemText security protection
Text specimens проф.Text storage
Text stringText trace
Text windowText work printed matter
Text-related workbookTextbook
Textile bindingTextile printing
Textile printing machineTextual data
Textual markTexture
Texture of paperTexture of pigment
TexturedTextured material
Textured paintTexturing
Theoretical bibliographyTheory
Thermal developing apparatusThermal drying
Thermal expansionThermal exposure device
Thermal headThermal image
Thermal imaging deviceThermal print apparatus
Thermal print deviceThermal printer
Thermal printheadThermal printing
Thermal [thermic] developmentThermal-transfer printing
Thermally developable [thermodevelopable] materialThermic copy
Thermo-electrophotographic deviceThermo-fixing apparatus
Thermo-fluid printing inkThermocolor
Thermoelastic relaxationThermofax фирм.
Thermofluid vehicleThermoformer
Thermographic apparatusThermographic copying
Thermographic copying machineThermographic device
Thermographic duplicating processThermographic imaging
Thermographic machineThermographic press
Thermographic printingThermographic recording
Thermographic [thermoprint] duplicatingThermographic [thermoprint] duplicator
ThermohardeningThermoindicator [thermosensitive] paint
Thermomagnetic copyingThermomicrography
ThermoplasticThermoplastic adhesive
Thermoplastic agentThermoplastic coating of paper
Thermoplastic inkThermoplastic material
Thermoplastic plateThermoplastic printing
Thermoplastic recordThermoplastic recording
Thermoplastic resinThermoplastic thread
Thermoplastic webThermoplastic [threadless] binding
ThermoprintingThermoreactive [thermosetting] resin
Thermoseal strapThermosealing
Thermosealing packing paperThermosettable
ThermosettingThermosetting adhesive
Thermosetting bonding agentThermosetting ink
Thermosetting materialThermosetting phenolic resin plate
Thermostable paintThesaurus
Thick plain boardThick rule
Thick-thin ruleThickened
Thickened imageThickening
Thickening of layerThickening scum
ThicknessThickness copy
Thickness gageThin
Thin cardboardThin film emulsion
Thin film halftone dry plateThin gage metals
Thin inkThin lens
Thin negativeThin rule
Thin sheet metalThin stroke
Thin typeThinner
Thinness of ink vehicleThird large
ThirdsThirteen as twelve
Thirty амер. проф.Thirty-two-page section
Thread (book) sewing [thread-stitching] machineThread breaking
Thread cutterThread guide
Thread overwrap deviceThread overwrapping
Thread sealingThread stitching
Thread stringing and knotting machine for tagsThread take-up spring
Threading deviceThreading operation
Three arm [three reel] roll-standThree color transferring
Three cylinder pressThree dots
Three-arm reel-standThree-arm turret-type unwinding device
Three-arm [three-roll] reelThree-armed spider
Three-bowl dryer mangleThree-color method
Three-color negative methodThree-color print
Three-color printingThree-color process
Three-color process plateThree-color process printing
Three-color reproductionThree-color solid
Three-deck headlineThree-dimensional letter
Three-dimensional objectThree-dimensionals printing
Three-feeder stufferThree-knife trimmer
Three-leaf-panel foldThree-over-one printing
Three-ply blanketThree-roll milling
Three-roller millThree-roller unit
Three-up bound unitThree-way (sided) jogger
Threefold mechanismThreshold
Thresholding mechanismThriller
Thriller listThrilling book
Thrilling pressThroat
Throat depthThroat heater
Through dryerThrough drying of ink film
ThrowThrow distance
Throw of bedThrow of crank
Throw-offThrow-off mechanism
Throw-on leverThrow-out lever
ThrowerThrowing power
Throwing-outThumb book
Thumb indexThumb indexing
Thumb markThumb spot
Thumb-indexed bookThumb-nail cut
Thumb-nail layoutThumb-nail sketch
TicketTicket press
Ticket printerTicket printing machine
Tie-in sale(s)Tied together
Tight backTight blanket
Tight edgesTight fit
Tight lineTight spacing
Tight word-spacingTight-edged reel
Tightening of blanketTilde
TillTilting backgage
Tilting casterTilting easel
Tilting ink fountainTilting-type printing frame
TimeTime control
Time scale фотоTime sharing
Time sharing basisTime shutter
Time-bound processingTime-bounded
Time-gamma curveTime-temperature chart
Timed folderTimer
TimingTiming chart
Timing markTiming of press
Timing signal generating systemTin
Tin plate [tin printing] inkTin printing
Tin sheetTin-edging
TintTint area
Tint blockTint chart
Tint generationTint generator
Tint plateTint table
TintingTinting material
Tinting mediumTintsoft package
Tip-on deviceTip-on [tipping] machine
Tipped-inTipped-in plate
Tipped-on endpaperTipped-on page
Tissue cylinderTissue lined envelope
Tissue overlayTissue printing
Tissue stripTissue transfer
Titanium dioxide pigmentTitanium white
TitleTitle caption
Title catalog(ue)Title editor
Title entryTitle index
Title leafTitle letter
Title lineTitle on back [on spine]
Title pageTitle page border
Title panelTitle piece
Title referenceTitle sheet
Title signatureTitle strip
Title typeTitle viewer
Title vignetteTitle-a-line entry
Title-pageTitle-page date
Titling cameraTo advance [to feed] the line
To back offTo back up
To be at the printers'To be in print
To be off the pressTo be out of print
To bed inTo begin even
To begin paragraphTo bind in calf
To bind in coverTo bind up
To black outTo bleach out
To bleed offTo blot out
To blow downTo blow up
To boil down to the bones проф.To boil down амер.
To break inTo break in copy
To break upTo break up for colors
To bring colorsTo bring into register
To build upTo burn off
To burnish edgesTo cancel an order
To carry forwardTo carry forward амер.
To carry on to textTo carry over брит.
To cast lineTo cast off
To cast upTo charge the magazine
To clamp offTo clean up
To clean up plateTo clear away
To clear offTo close on
To close upTo coat with rubber
To come outTo comment on the book
To correct pressTo correct the press
To cut downTo cut flush
To cut offTo cut to liner
To dab overTo discharge plate
To discharge sheetTo divide into takes
To do viewsTo doctor off
To draw on stoneTo draw with the mouse
To dress illustrationTo dress the cylinder
To drive outTo drop a form
To drop outTo drop the form
To dump stickTo eat away
To eat inTo eat through
To edit a manuscriptTo edit a newspaper
To emboss blindTo emboss in relief
To end evenTo enlarge detail
To etch outTo even [to full] caps
To excise a referenceTo expand character
To expand darkTo expand leading
To expand the middle tonesTo expose away
To fan outTo feed in
To fill the grainsTo fill the measure
To filter outTo fix the toner image
To flush leftTo flush out
To flush rightTo fold back
To fold by handTo fold by machine
To fold in 8voTo fold in folio
To fold in registerTo fold score тара
To fold upTo follow the copy
To follow upTo glue on
To grind into pasteTo gum out
To hand overTo hold copy
To hold downTo hold up the paper амер.
To hook inTo identify character
To inch pressTo increase contrast
To indent the first line a paragraphTo ink up
To interline correctionsTo italicize a word
To judge colorTo keep down
To keep inTo keep out
To keep type standingTo keep up
To key inTo kick out
To knock downTo knock out
To knock upTo lace in
To lace upTo laminate film
To laminate paperTo lay down the press
To lay inTo lay letters
To lay onTo lay on the form(e)
To lay the casesTo lay the type
To lay tintTo lead out
To letter spaceTo light-short film амер.
To line for lineTo line through
To lock the typeTo make correction
To make into pageTo make matrix-molds
To make publicTo make up
To make up furnitureTo mark file
To match colorsTo measure in reflection
To measure in transmissionTo mortise picture
To mount at an angleTo mount on guard
To nick inTo overlay negatives
To paint inTo paint out
To pass for (the) pressTo pass for press
To pass the censorship deskTo pass the proof
To paste inTo paste on
To paste overTo photograph to half scale
To pick outTo pick up
To plane downTo plot correction
To print come-and-goTo print down
To print in italicsTo print on stone
To print overTo process [to produce] negative
To produce a bookTo provide ticks
To pull a bookTo pull apart
To pull offTo pull on
To pull outTo pull stone proof
To put a webTo put away
To put into printTo put on
To put to bedTo put up
To quad centerTo quad left
To quad rightTo range left
To range rightTo read off
To read overTo read proofs
To read throughTo recoat the plate
To reduce contrastTo reel off
To reel onTo release hold
To remake upTo review against the original
To roll offTo roll the form
To roll upTo route the whites
To rub downTo rub off
To rub upTo run around
To run dryTo run in
To run ink downTo run off
To run onTo run together
To run upTo rush into print
To scale downTo scale up
To scissor offTo scissor out
To scissor upTo score out
To score underTo scrape away [off]
To screw downTo scroll back
To scum offTo scum up
To sell offTo sell out
To set by handTo set camera
To set flushTo set forth
To set in boxTo set line
To set the paceTo set up
To sew all alongTo sew down
To sew inTo sew together
To sew upTo sew with thread
To shape upTo shear off
To show in colorTo size paper
To size upTo skim through
To sort outTo space out
To spindle upTo split down [up]
To spot outTo stick up transfer
To stop downTo stop out
To strike offTo strike on
To strike outTo strip a forme
To strip intoTo strip off
To suck onTo switch in
To switch offTo switch on
To switch overTo take back
To take downTo take in
To take offTo take on
To take outTo take over
To take proof with the typeTo take up
To tape the section of a bookTo tear score тара
To thin downTo throw down
To throw inTo throw off
To throw outTo throw over
To throw upTo tie up
To tighten the lineTo tip on
To tone downTo tone up
To touch upTo transfer drawing from tracing
To trim the slug on the bottomTo trip off
To turn overTo turn over the leafs
To type inTo type out
To wear downTo web up
To white outTo wind off
To wind upTo wipe off
To work offTo work up
To zoom inTo zoom out
ToasterToday's number
ToeToe portion
ToggleToggle base
Toggle platenToggle platen mechanism
Tolerance frameTolerance of printing pressure
Tolerance spaceTome
TonalTonal balance
Tonal changesTonal control
Tonal printingTonal range
Tonal range printing curveTonal reproduction curve
Tone compensationTone compression
Tone compression circuitTone correction
Tone gradationTreadle power
Treasure roomTreasury
TreatTreated printing
TreaterTreating solution
Treatment apparatusTreble case
Tree graphTree-fold
Tri-metal plateTrial and error method
Trial impressionTrial line
Trial orderTrial print
Trial sheetTrials evaluation team
Triangle dotTriangular dots
Triboelectric magnetic tonerTriboelectrification
Trichromat(ic)Trichromatic edition
Trichromatic gamutTrichromatic ink
Trichrome CarbroTricolor filters
Tried-and-true titlesTrigger
TrimTrim area
Trim knifeTrim margin
Trim markTrim sealer
Trim sizeTrim, trimmed width
Trimmed brochureTrimmed flush book
Trimmed paper-page sizeTrimmed signature
Trimmed sizeTrimmer
True-scale copyingTrusted computer base
TTS codeTTS shift
TTS tapeTub
Tub of graining machineTub sized
Tub-grained plateTube
Tube cutting-off machineTube decorator тара
Tube frameTube photometer
Tube printingTube screen
Tube spindleTube-sizing machine
TubelessTubular (plate) press
Tubular backTubular lamp
Tubular nailTubular router
Tubular stereotype plateTubular-plate block
Tubular-plate boxTubular-plate finishing machine
TuckTuckaway keyboard
TuckerTucker fold
Tucker [tucking] bladeTucking and pin cylinder
TumbleTumble grip infeed system
Tumbler gripperTumbler gripper shaft
Tumbler pinTumbling barrel
Tumbling shaftTun plate ink
TuneTung oil
Tungsten lampTungsten lighting
Tungstic acisTuning
Tuning keyboardTunnel
Tunnel drierTunnel dryer
TurbidityTurbocloud development
Turbulence zoneTurbulent viscosity
Turn chaseTurn on
Turn tableTurn-in
Turn-in barTurnaround
Turnaround timeTurned-down corner of page
Turned-in endTurner
Turner barTurner bar carriage
TurningTurning device
Turning of colorTurning winder
TurnoverTurnover reel-stand
Turnover spliceTurnover tape rewind
Turnover [turret] unwindTurpentine
Turps проф.Turret
Turret film winderTurret light
Turret of presized lensesTurret reel-stand
Turret rewinderTurret-type rewind stand
Turret-type standTurret-type unwind stand
TurtleTurtle plate
Turtle tableTusche
TutorialTV comic series
TV-fax systemTweezers
Twin cylinder stencil duplicatorTwin folder
Twin guidesTwin tank ink supply system
Twin wire boardTwin-plate router
TwineTwine tying machine
TwinfacerTwinflex фирм.
Twinned pressTwisting nip
Twisting of plateTwisting paper
Two color/perfector pressTwo cycle copying apparatus
Two drum winderTwo former folder
Two line letterTwo pack ink
Two sheets onTwo-along
Two-arm reel-standTwo-band dryer
Two-bath copyingTwo-bath development
Two-bath processTwo-bath processing
Two-color flat-bed pressTwo-color impression ribbon
Two-color offset machineTwo-color offset press
Two-color perfectorTwo-color press
Two-color printingTwo-color sheet-fed offset rotary
Two-color unitTwo-color(ed)
Two-component developer materialTwo-component ink
Two-deck headlineTwo-deck(er) press
Two-electrode tubeTwo-em dash
Two-frame codeTwo-letter attachment
Two-letter matrixTwo-level mode
Two-line brevier брит.Two-line English брит.
Two-line great primerTwo-line headline
Two-line long primerTwo-line pica брит.
Two-onTwo-on trimming
Two-page openingTwo-page wide unit
Two-pull pressTwo-revolution machine
Two-revolution pressTwo-revolution two-color press
Two-ribbon infeedTwo-roll milling
Two-roll turnover reel standTwo-roller mill
Two-roller unitTwo-section buckle folder
Two-sheet detectorTwo-sheet diffusion transfer photomaterial
Two-shot bindingTwo-shot book
Two-shot hotmeltTwo-side calendered
Two-sidedTwo-sided coating
Two-sided copyingTwo-sided material cabinet
Two-sided offset blanketTwo-sided original
Two-sided printing copyTwo-speed bed motion
Two-stop processTwo-tiered press
Two-to headlineTwo-tone illustration
Two-tone inkTwo-unit press
Two-unit web offset pressTwo-up
Two-up (four-up, six-up) workTwo-up binding
Two-up bookTwo-up bound unit
Two-up feedingTwo-up form
Two-up productionTwo-way delivery
Two-way valveTwofold mechanism
Twofold productTyer
TyingTying machine
Tympan barTympan clamp
Tympan clothTympan frame
Tympan leatherTympan sheet
TypeType (face) library
Type (metal) alloyType 1 fonts
Type alignmentType alloy
Type areaType ball
Type ball typewriterType bar
Type bar printerType bed
Type beltType body
Type brushType carrier
Type carrier camType carrier connecting rod
Type caseType caster
Type castingType casting matrix
Type catcher амер.Type character
Type characteristicsType composition
Type cylinderType designer
Type dimensioningType disk
Type distortion unitType drum
Type errorType face
Type face gridType face range
Type familyType flower
Type fontType font down-loading
Type for hand-settingType for hot foil processing
Type formType founder
Type frontType galley's height
Type headType height
Type high stereotypeType in
Type lineType line spacer
Type listType manufacturer
Type masterType matrix
Type matterType metal
Type modelType mortiser
Type nickType of halftone screen
Type of sensitizingType overlay
Type pageType planer
Type printerType proofing
Type pullType pusher
Type pusher camType pusher connecting rod
Type rankType reproduction
Type reproportionType revolving press
Type segmentType setter
Type settingType setting by hand
Type sizeType size increment
Type size rangeType slinger амер.
Type sortType specification [type specimen] book
Type specificationsType specimen
Type specs type specificationsType strip
Type styleType style card block
Type style plug boardType style selection
Type styles intermixType surface
Type synopsisType table
Type test patternType transfer wedge
Type viewerType [typographic(al)] ornament
Type(-face) designType(-face) design
Type(-high) gageType(face) weight
Type-bar flag codeType-base line
Type-bearing cylinderType-carrying cylinder
Type-casting machineType-form
Type-height bearerType-high clump
Type-high machineType-high planer
Type-setting officeType-wheel
Type-wheelTyped [typewritten] matter
TypefaceTypeface library
Typeface masterTypeface mixing
Typeface nameTypeface of a character
Typeface widthTypefaces online
Typefaces-digital masterTypefaces-photographic master
TypefactorTypehead positioning
Typehead-positioning mechanismTypeover
Typeset copyTypeset headline
Typeset quality textTypesetter
Typesetter errorTypesetter manufacturer
TypesettingTypesetting code
Typesetting computerTypesetting equipment
Typesetting instructionTypesetting machine
Typesetting programTypesetting terminal
Typesetting workstationTypesize mixing
Typesize rangeTypewheel axle
Typewriter carbonTypewriter carriage
Typewriter compositionTypewriter face
Typewriter layoutTypewriter platen
Typewriter ribbonTypewriter ribbon cartridge
Typewriter sizeTypewriter type
Typewriter-tape unitTypewriting
TypewrittenTypewritten copy
Typewritten impressionTypewritten paper plate
TypingTyping console
Typing keyTyping mistake (error)
Typing positionTyping teletype
Typing wheelTypist
Typist errorTypo
Typographer's requirementTypographic
Typographic artTypographic calculation
Typographic codeTypographic command
Typographic designerTypographic expression
Typographic formatTypographic machine
Typographic measurementTypographic parameters
Typographic qualityTypographic simulation
Typographic typewriterTypographic(al)
Typographic(al) errorTypographic(al) mixing
Typographic(al) printingTypographical mark
Typographical pointTypographical printer
TypolithographyTypolithography уст.